Titanium dioxide is the "gold standard" drug [well in the filler and in the capsule] for Parkinson's Disease https://www.medicines.org.uk/emc/product/6926/smpc#gref !!! In terms of overwhelming the system, I believe that what this is doing is shutting down our right brain hemisphere's way of attending to the world, leaving us like people who've had a right hemisphere stroke [a la McGilchrist. ps McGilchrist is now speaking out and standing up more vociferously, worth considering https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=686heq5QFPk ]

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People mistakenly use the term "broke" when they ask if a horse is trained. Horses are flight, as a last resort fight animals. There were and are barbaric methods to do this as well as humane ones. The point of "breaking" a horse was to actually break its spirit by sensory overloading it till the poor animal just shuts down and quits. Tying it down, throwing a blanket on it, etc. Horses are beautiful spirited creatures. A broke horse is a sad creature.

That is EXACTLY what is being done to us!!!

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The powers that be were, and continue to be, attacking all of us non-elite beings from all sides, to keep us overwhelmed, mixed up and thankful to our masters when they throw us a bone now and then!

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On the "stinkhose" theory, it looks to me that the powers-that-be have actually created a playbook which combines the “best” [worst] of Orwell’s and Huxley’s ideas. So I feel, unless we are careful, we could really be moving towards a kind of “Hybrid Orwellian-Huxleyian” Dystopia.

It works something like this.

Governmental messaging, nudge units, scientists, and mass media collude in fear mongering and catastrophizing, creating and ramping up scary and divisive narratives about wars, diseases, droughts, famines and death.

The resulting disruptions to our nervous systems make us prone to seek out self-soothing behaviours, coping and escape strategies, that lead to addictions.

We are presented with a menu of ever present and cheap junk options: junk food. junk conversations [social media], junk sex, junk shopping, junk games. Here junk refers to low value things which create dopamine rewards without any effort on our part - the bad kind of dopamine reward which needs ever increasing amounts in ever increasing extreme forms to get the same effects, eventually leading to anhedonia and inability to take any pleasure in the small things in life.

These addictions to junk further disrupt our nervous, immune and endocrine systems, and our relationships, making us feel more psychologically and physiologically unwell and ill, and more isolated and lonely. Doctors and psychiatrists are then readily on hand to prescribe us with a personalized cocktail of junk pharmaceutical and drugs to take for the rest of our lives.

The side-effects of the pharmaceuticals then make it even harder for us to form and maintain healthy relationships, further weaken our defences, our ability to resist the narratives, and to think straight. This makes us sitting ducks, ripe for the fear mongering, nudging and polarization.

Thus, the circle is complete.

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In the UK, we've got a Conservative, black Chancellor of the Exchequer who is clearly stinkhosing not only the entire, struggling population, but the memory of all his black ancestors and any poor, black people still alive and in the firing line. All while stuffing the pockets of corrupt, wealthy, overwhelmingly white bankers!


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this is so weird to read for a German. "Hose" is our word for pants (but we use singular, even though the shared root is obvious).

The other word... is the same... lol.

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titanium dioxide is a common ingredient in toothpaste - check the label :)

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Another related observation is the current COVID vaccination commercials. As I watched numerous football games yesterday, I noticed numerous Pfizer COVID vaccination commercials. The difference between these commercials & regular pharmaceutical commercials is; COVID vaccination commercials do not have 30 sec. Worth of warnings & side effects. Why is this? Because they aren’t required for vaccination commercials. After mentioning this to others nearby, I noticed another effect of advertising; how short some people attention spans are, & what they pay attention to, biases. Those who had shots & boosters shrugged it off while the two of us in the room who didn’t, look at each other and shook our heads rolling our eyes

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Thank you so much for bridging Dr. Mercola's website, helping us stay connected during the current assault on his dot.com by mysterious forces. Thank you!

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No one has written technically about the outage unless this is accepted as fact which is knot written well at all; Vdubious-

//** bEGIN wISHY wASHY bs

A constant game of chess is being played out and our lives are at stake. We’ve broken through the blinding fog of the COVID war together. We have won many battles and are stronger and more enlightened by each one.

Our sites will be shut down temporarily and we will operate through Substack and Amazon until further notice.

***eND wISHY wASHY ***//

"Our lives" "we've" "will be"

Doesn't translate here as ::

"The lives here"

"Those working here have"

"Are now"

Nothing technical-

Just total wISHY washy bs-

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