Thanks for putting all of this together! I was planning to share it with folks who are still believing the mainstream narrative, but there are a few claims/hypotheses (e.g. that the virus may or may not be real, or that the Pfizer/Moderna jabs constitute "gene therapy") that I think are more likely to close minds than to open them. For now I'm trying to stick to the science that lockdowns and masks don't work to stop the spread, and that we don't have nearly the level of control over this disease that we think we have, so we really ought to relax and stop trying so hard.

Here's my take, which is admittedly a bit more reserved than what I actually think but I'm trying to awaken people without triggering them to shut down. http://www.luterra.com/blog/?p=1198

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WOW. Great job Tessa! I'm impressed and share your views. You put a ton of work into this article and all of the research....If I had more money, I'd give you some...like $10,000. You deserve it way more than the MSM clowns.

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I can sense the frustration you must feel with this friend who is "on the fence" about this important knowledge you want to share. It's truly frustrating to spend so much time reading and learning, only to find that learning was the easy part; transmitting the knowledge gained is far more difficult.

I won't be getting any cybernetic implants when they are invented, but I do admit it would be nice in times like these to have a sort of "human USB cable", so that one could plug oneself into someone's mind and in seconds download all of one's knowledge directly into theirs, thus enabling instant understanding. But if people ever do invent such a thing, then I guess new problems would be introduced with it, like viruses being transmitted from mind to mind. There is no free lunch, sadly.

Just as you are trying to reach your friend to explain what you have learned, I would like to reach you also, to explain what *I* know. I must get you to understand, one way or another, that most of what you're talking about in this article is *theater*. I have to repeat this point over and over until it is fully understood and digested by everyone. That is the key to moving all of us along to the next level of understanding. Unless we all advance together, then we will inevitably fall apart.

I would like you to understand that all this evidence that you have spent so much time and energy compiling, was put there just so that you would find it, and share it. All of the emotions you feel in response to gaining this knowledge, were planned for you also. The resulting arguments between you and your TV-watching friend were likewise planned, years ago in a smoke-filled boardroom. Even your article here is a source of pleasure to these people--because you don't yet fully understand that this is all theater, causing you to inadvertently repeat some of the propaganda.

To name a specific example, the "alternative cures" for "the virus" which were "censored by the media." Yes, that's how it is made to appear, on the surface--but in reality, this is all scripted. They *wanted* you to notice that these "alternatives" were being "censored"--and to come to the conclusion that you would inevitably reach. All part of the mind game. The gaslighting of an entire planet. The leading of sheep to slaughter.

Likewise, if video has been deleted from Youtube for "spreading too much truth", what actually happened is the video was created by the same people who deleted it, who then published an article on one of their "alternative" news sites to inform the world that it was deleted. ALL SCRIPTED.

What I would like more than anything is to just cut through all the bullshit with a sword. If only we could stop having our time and energy wasted by the liars, and instead get straight to the truth. That's why I'm here.

On the subject of the "virus", it seems to really be *bacterial pneumonia*. Not a virus--bacteria. Just like the so-called "Spanish flu", which seems to have actually started at Fort Riley, Kansas during an experimental vaccination campaign of soldiers who were immediately afterward sent to the front lines.

Think about the implications of this. It means for example that the wearing of masks isn't a preventative, but causative agent. Warm, humid, dirty masks act as a sort of petri dish to grow bacteria, right in proximity to their nasal passages. It also means that putting people on ventilators with oxygen is not a cure, but a prescription for almost certain death. And so on.

Yes, it is meant to kill--but more importantly, to scare. To cause various reactions in various people. To divide and confuse people in various ways. The killing of "useless eaters" is only a side benefit, in the eyes of the psychopaths who unleashed this.

It is a mistake to think "this is it, this is the Great Reset, they are killing us all here and now." No, they are not. Not yet. This is all theater, all scripted, meant to provoke a *reaction*; to move the herd in a desired direction. The real killing comes with World War. Everything happening right now is a step in that direction.

Soon this virus will be outed to the public as a the obvious fraud that it is. We are almost to that point. People have grown sick and tired of the masks and the mask enforcers. The evidence for fakery is piling up left and right. The masses of commoners are meant to "learn" that this was all a big conspiracy between China and "leftists", the same ones who also "stole the election." Meanwhile there is a major economic crash about to be triggered soon, under Biden's watch. All part of the show.

The blame for all of this will land entirely on China, Democrats, and "leftists", who are increasingly demonized in right wing media as being the source of all evil. In the end, the hard right element will take total control over this government. These various inept Democrat and women governors will be swept from office and replaced with hard right MEN. We will then be ready for the next act, on the path to World War. All according to plan.

That, in a nutshell, is the big picture of what's happening here.

Sadly, by accepting this knowledge and integrating it into your own understanding of the world, you will as a consequence move even further apart from this friend you are trying to drag along the path of learning. The sad reality is, different people learn at different rates, according to their inbuilt abilities. When we were equally propagandized, hoodwinked and deluded peasants, we could all be equals; but as some set out on a path of learning and others don't, or struggle and fall behind along the way, a distance inevitably grows between them. Bridging that divide is by no means guaranteed.

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Thank you so much sister! I love you!

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1. Do you believe that the virus is real?

Which one? Covit 19 has only identified in the media, not in the lab.

2. Do you believe that the virus came from bats?

My brain hurts. It assumes that the answer to 1. is positive

3. Do you believe that the disease can lead to bad consequences, if not treated properly?

That’s true for ANY disease including mental ones eg. (exempli gratia) jumping off the cliff.

4. Do you believe that no matter what, it helps to invest in one’s health, including a robust immune system?

Health is a condition of natural functioning of the algorithm of life. Without good (relative term) health you cannot function effectively. Old age is a good example.

5. Do you believe that there are effective COVID treatments?

Please refer to question 1.

6. Do you believe that the PCR tests in use are functional diagnostic tools?

The INVENTOR of the test emphatically said NO.

7. Do you believe that asymptomatic spread is an important vector?

You are spinning wheels on this one. The best way to reach an erroneous conclusion is to start with a erroneous assumption. (Refer to question 1)

8. Do you believe that masks worn by healthy people prevent the spread of respiratory viruses?

ANY people wearing a mask can spread or get infected by ANY virus. The masks are equivalent of a chain link fence stopping mosquitoes.

9. Do you believe that closure of small businesses and lockdowns are justified?

For political, financial and psyop population control are justified by those tyrants who impose them, of course not for the reason stated. It is very difficult to do evil in the world without presenting it as a vehicle for good.

10. Do you believe that prolonged stress and disruption of social fabric can significantly damage your natural immune response?

Yes !!!!!!!

11. Do you believe that Big Pharma would rather have you depend on their most expensive products than possess a healthy, free natural immunity?

“Big Pharma” is not the problem. It is a power of the gun behind it (government) who allowed them to operate outside the free market.

12. Do you believe that there have been dramatic precedents of companies or Western governments knowingly poisoning people or experimenting on own citizens?

This is a complex question. The short answer is yes, but as a means to an end.

13. Do you believe that your demographic is exempt?

From what? Children are naturally exempt already.

14. Do you believe that you live in a country where state officials would never betray their citizens?

Like any organism governments act in self preservation mode. If their preservation demands honesty instead of betrayal they would practice honesty.

15. Do you believe that in 2020, the world underwent a qualitative change in terms of how biology works, and it is now wise and justifiable to start treating healthy people as biohazards, something that science has never previously suggested we should do?

As Marx stated quantitative gains would result in qualitative accomplishments.

16. Do you believe in v-s?

I don’t know what v-s stands for

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Another great article, Tess! Thanks!

I read a lot about a subject like anyone else on this blog and somehow it still blows my mind and I still feel I don't grasp the real agenda here.

I mean, what I know for sure is that covid19 is a HOAX, no matter if the virus is real or not, it's clear for me that the total destruction of the Western economies and societies is done in lockstep according to Agenda 2030, this I can clearly see.

What makes me suspicious is the fact that they made everything so visible, Klaus Schwab published a book, the entire agenda is on WEF website, the manipulation and propaganda are so blatant, the clown measures such as 2 masks, anal tests, and others are so f. evident that it makes me wonder why would they do that KNOWING that a part of the society will wake up and see right through the entire scam?

They could have made everything very real, professional, maybe using a more deadly virus? I'm sure they have an entire collection of viruses so that at the end they would have had 95% of people 100% on-board.

It's true that in the current scenario most people still can't see it but, there are many who CAN see it and each day more and more start questioning the entire plot.

Of course, most of the people will remain oblivious as they've always been but if you reach a critical mass of people who are aware of the scam (I'd say 20-25%) then you really have a problem with a real rebellion. 25% means 100M Europeans and 75M Americans....so I'm not sure you can coerce or force so many people to obey, take the jab, take the covid pass and peacefully accept the Great Reset and NWO.

So that's why I'm thinking...maybe they design it this way, maybe it's a play to show us how utterly corrupt are the Governments, the MSM, the BigPharma and BigTech, the medical system and when enough people will realize this and take the streets, then all these institutions will crash, opening the way for a rebuild. The more time passes, the less I believe this theory as it seems that all the Governments went totally mad but people don't seem to react accordingly.

I don't know, my biggest problem is the fact that they said it too bluntly to be the real end goal.

I find it hard to believe that they will vaccinate the entire planet with something that will potentially kill or disable more than half of the world population, I find it hard to believe that a world of total tyranny will have a "sustainable" future.

I don't even talk about the % of the depressed population. You can't progress with half of the population disabled and another half depressed to the bones. Even the idea of a permanent lockdown for "climate change" reasons will lead in 10 years to total destruction of (at least) all the Western societies in terms of human capital.

Remember, the end goal of each species is to find meaning and happiness. A World of senseless machines won't have a purpose for progress, just execution. No matter what you do, the end goal must be a form of progress and species development.

There must be more to this than the Great Reset or maybe it's me who refuses this Catch 22 world.

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Feb 14, 2021Liked by Tessa Lena

As I see it, this compendium is a treasure chest gift to our world. Thank you so much, Tessa! As to my own my own perception and experience, alas, this rich trove answers many questions but surfaces so many more that I feel a bit dizzy, like I've just found myself dropped altogether disheveled and disoriented right into a haunted house where the smelly guts of corruption seem to be all over the place, where the inadequacies and misdirections of science cast light and shadows in uninterpretable ways, where Escher seems to have drawn the up staircase of nobility with the down staircase of depravity. And it almost seems like there is an unknowable beast watching, and gaining strength from my every move. Is it possible that this is just Son of SARS, revisited, on a finer grid, where I again see myself as the observer but am in the larger field simply the observed?

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I can't even imagine the amount of work behind this post. I am printing this out and will read it carefully to the end.

All congratulations you get are well-deserved Tessa. This goes far beyond a mindful artist's duty to society. You are organizing your insights in useful ways for everybody to use.

Where to start? You included nearly everything in this article.

You are always right about the way these insights have to be communicated to the others. Our fellow citizens are not the enemy. As you said, most of them are good people, with moral standards who have been led into believing a perverted version of what is happening. You treat those delicately, exposing them gradually to reality.

Some are collaborators, because they gain something from this, or they think they do. Be wary of the preachers. Don't engage this category, they will only hurt you, if it suits them.

Don't forget that the fight is not against a current social phenomenon or a recently invented global scam. This has been for years, decades in the working. People, at least in the West, have been conditioned to think in a particular way, which leads them to accept the current narrative easier.

It becomes nightmarish if you think about it, but e.g. consider these aspects of “common knowledge” and how they are used against us now:

- the cult of “science”, the infamous scientism. The idea leads to the ability of a particular class of “experts”, the scientists, the “technocrats” to establish the absolute truth which cannot be disputed or challenged. Science is a process of acquiring and modifying our knowledge and not an excuse for the “absolute truth”, which is more akin to the infallibility of the church mentality of the Middle Ages

- the development of the current model of medicine, a product of the first half of the 20th century in the US, which “inoculates” us with the belief that the only way of fighting a disease or a condition is with a product of the pharmaceutical industry of, usually, dubious and possibly dangerous chemical composition. I remember reading a book from the 1970's called “Rockefeller's Medicine Men”, where the author describes the campaign of this oil mogul to bribe the medical schools of the American universities into changing their curriculum in order to agree with his version of medicine.

- the campaign against those expressing reservations for the vaccines, bagging them altogether as “religious fanatics'' or whatever else. This began in the 1980's and the concept of “science” against any concern, real or imaginary, was used ad nauseam. Although today's COVID vaccines are not real vaccines, but something else – we could call them, e.g. “gene therapy” - this Anti-Vaxxer meme comes real handy now, doesn't it?

Tessa, the next step could be to compile an etiquette of how to approach a “hypnotized” person. This word is not meant as an insult, we have all been there. The do's and dont's from your insights, to which all can contribute. It sounds mundane, but, believe me, it could open minds!

I think that all the readers of this blog would be willing to help you in this!

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Your first novella, congrats ;)

But seriously, well done and based on solid research. I like that.

'Never let a good crisis go to waste'

I see the same elite abuse of this hyped pandemic that you identified here. Social engineering is in overdrive as the status quo forces are fighting to survive in a rapidly changing world. The Great Climate Scare wasn't working very well for the elite and then COVID19 came along.

The powers-that-be may be scheming, but they do not know how things are going to work out either. That uncertainty hopefully works in our advantage.

The majority of people stick with the herd because their instinct tells them that it is safe. The problem with herds is that they attract predators. Human herds are the worst kind, they invite the predators in to lead their herd.

Reason can change a person who is open to it and I applaud your efforts. I fear that many are beyond salvation; you can not wake up a person who is pretending to be asleep.

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This Off-Guardian article is written in a way that makes it a bit difficult to read, but to me it echoes your perception that state socialism (e.g. USSR, some elements of the Great Reset vision) and late-stage neoliberal capitalism are two sides of the same authoritarian coin, and that those who wish to maintain control are happy to allow the political pendulum to swing between those extremes.


I tried to express the same sentiment a few weeks ago:


Anyway, I'm glad to be seeing this awareness in more places. Perhaps the people are waking up :-)

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Feb 15, 2021Liked by Tessa Lena

One of the best essays I've ever read. Mirrors what I'm feeling/thinking. Thank you. Look forward to reading more of your work!💜💜💜

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Tessa forgive my lack of direct information, however, early in march 2020 i had read in several places that the virus, exposed to moist heat in excess of 133 degrees f for 15 minutes would die. i do not have sources.

but, i have MUCH anecdotal info.

i have spent the last 30 years with the Lakota Sioux. one of their main practices is the "sweat lodge" (a colonizers misnomer). stones are heated in a fire for a period of time them placed in a small domed structure and water poured over them by a long-trained medicine person or elder.

in many reservations the elders strongly advised against ANY gatherings. however, in a few pockets of which i have knowledge, we did not stop gathering for Lodge. in these pockets ( i know of 2 in northern colorado alone) where as many as 40-50 came together every week march 2020-jan 2021, i know of A TOTAL OF ZERO CASES OF SARS CORONA VIRUS COVID 19.


in that time i was in no less than 20 of these ceremonies. probably closer to 35 with utterly no concern for my heath.

again, i apologize for not having the articles from which i had read this info and not having a more scientific way in which to present this evidence.

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Hi Tessa: We are indeed fighting robots, the human kind, the smart machine kind, and the developing SAI (Super Artificial Intelligence) kind. A Big Takeover of the social, emotional, and Spiritual natures of human beings is well underway, masquerading as the C-19 Plandemic. I have been fighting for individual freedom for many years. I won’t stop now. A university comrade of mine (she was a member of the German SDS) would make embroidery, with the message, “Don’t let the Motherfuckers grind you down.” I won’t.

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Hi Tessa: We are indeed fighting robots, the human kind, the smart machine kind, and the developing SAI (Super Artificial Intelligence) kind. A Big Takeover of the social, emotional, and Spiritual natures of human beings is well underway, masquerading as the C-19 Plandemic. I have been fighting for individual freedom for many years. I won’t stop now. A university comrade of mine (she was a member of the German SDS) would make embroidery, with the message, “Don’t let the Motherfuckers grind you down.” I won’t.

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Those pictures, hell on a stick, those pictures! Just throw some "tovarishch" and perhaps a goblin-looking kulak... erm... anti-masker in the background and we moved back in time. I think I know why you've selected that ones...

You've put unbelievable amount of work in this post, thank you.

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"Your science is going to be shown up for what it is, nothing more than a pleasant metaphor usefully extrapolated into the production of toys for healthy children. That's what science is good for.

It is not some meta-theory at whose feet every point of view from astrology to acupressure to channeling need be laid to have the hand of science announce thumbs up or thumbs down.”

- Terence McKenna

When I was 22 my daughter was born with an extremely virulent form of cancerous tumor on her back called fibrous sarcoma. Because she was an infant the western medical establishment in the US could not employ chemotherapy or radiation (their two favorite and most profitable treatments) to treat her because their "cure" would have killed her.

After meeting with a cadre of researchers with PHD's in Oncology who only wanted to use my daughter as a human experimental test subject, I asked the surgeon to schedule the surgery ASAP., and told him "I will take it from there".

The surgeon warned me once again that if he operated on her it would expose the cancer to oxygen and because it was so aggressive, if he missed a single microscopic cell, it would replicate much more rapidly and kill her within a matter of weeks. I told him that was understood and to schedule the surgery. He asked me what I was going to do, and I told him I was going to the library to study alternative cures for cancer.

His reply was the usual skepticism about anything not pre-approved and given a "thumbs up" by "the hand of science" was useless. So I told him; "You don't have anything. What else am I supposed to do?".

At the library I found the book "World Without Cancer". Today my daughter is alive and well, and the mother of two.

I shit on Big Pharma and the western medical establishment. They can go fuck themselves.

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