I'm sorry to post so much, but I feel that the battle is now joined. We are in it.


This scientific paper from The Journal of Infection looks at ADE, antibody dependent enhancement of viral pathogenicity.

This is the phenomenon whereby antibodies may help a virus infect an organism more aggressively.

The context for this is antibodies formed in response to vaccines against the "alpha" coronavirus.

There are populations of blocking antibodies and populations of facilitating antibodies.

In the battle against the alpha SARS-CoV-2, the blocking antibody effect is clearly dominant.

Those same vaccination-antibodies have a different summation against the delta variant.

They tend to help it infect human cells.

This is true for all of the vaccines against the original spike protein. Yep, that's what you got.

​ ​However, in the case of the Delta variant, neutralizing antibodies have a decreased affinity for the spike protein, whereas facilitating antibodies display a strikingly increased affinity.


​Israel is one of the most completely vaccinated countries in the world. They gat that special deal from Pfizer. Their cases started going UP as more people got vaccinated, and now...

Health officials predict thousands of seriously ill COVID patients within month

Bennett reportedly agrees to expand hospital capacity after being presented with numbers showing hospitalizations quadrupling by mid-September; funding for plan unclear..​.​

The predictions from the health experts were based on a doubling of the number of hospitalizations and serious illnesses every 10 days.


​The bulk of hospitalizations for COVID-19 in the January through June time period occurred well before May. Anybody not receiving a second vaccine 2 weeks or more before being diagnosed with COVID was counted as "unvaccinated".

That's how they got that "pandemic of the unvaccinated" line. It was. Now it looks more like a"pandemic of the vaccinated.".

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the White House and most mainstream media, what we have now is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” with 95% to 99% of COVID-related hospitalizations and deaths being attributed to the unvaccinated.

To achieve that statistic, the CDC included hospitalization and mortality data from January through June. The vast majority of the U.S. population was unvaccinated during that timeframe.

By Jan. 1 only 0.5% of the U.S. population had received a COVID shot. By mid-April, an estimated 31% had received one or more shots and as of June 15, 48.7% were fully “vaccinated.”


India, birthplace of the 'Delta variant" (previously known as "the Indian strain"), uses ivermectin based treatment for COVID. Uttar Pradesh is 2/3 the population of the USA, and much poorer, much more congested. There is good reason to be dubious of any statistics from India, but the clearly beat COVID in New Delhi.

At 17, Uttar Pradesh Logs Lowest Ever Daily Covid Figure, Active Caseload Drops to 419


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What happened exactly 50 years ago…15. August 1971? Reality check now.

1971 Nixon shocks world: “Gold window closed”…

American “murky” reasons:


15. August 2021 See trough from across the Atlantic / RED PILL / NON-MATRIX version/ sleepless night)

https://www.goldseiten.de/artikel/505919--Die-Zaesur-des-15.-August-1971.html?seite=1 ( In German)

https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=de&u=https://www.goldseiten.de/artikel/505919--Die-Zaesur-des-15.-August-1971.html%3Fseite%3D1&prev=search&pto=aue Google Translated: The Turning Point

1971 is also year when Karl Schwab founded EMF/WEF, where he sought to introduce European firms to American management practices.

First 450 executives meeting was In February 1971. And 5 months later, Nixon torpedoed 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement (Gold Standard). Some shaky grounds for Klaus or “new” opportunity was made?

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"I admit, talking about my emails going to spam in hopes of reaching the people who are not reading my emails because they are going to spam is a bit of a logical flaw."

Only a flaw if you hope to somehow alert the ones whose spam folders have already been getting populated by your emails.

But not a hopeless thing to do (you talking about the emails), because we who are receiving your emails now know that such a thing can easily happen...we can check our spam folders from time to time, especially if we notice that "Hey, it's been a long time that I haven't seen an email from Tessa (or MAA or Sage or whoever)."


Bearded Fauci cashing in was very funny.


Re: Digital Money

Has anyone consulted (non-governmental) Organized Crime about how this is going to work?

Will it become commonplace for illegal drug sales to involve delivery of not only the drugs but also something that appears as a "consultant's report on XYZ"?

I'm sure fewer drugs will be illegal in the future, but I don't imagine USA going full-on Portugal.

Supply will find the demand...but what will be the transaction's cover story?


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Oh my god Tessa. Thank you. Striking so many chords. I really appreciate your fierce candor and uncompromising fidelity to truth, and love. -Victoria, in Eugene, OR

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Thank you, Tessa. As you note, we need joy in our life. We are not our physical bodies, we are spiritual beings. We thrive on the interaction amongst each other, that the "ghosts" tried to take away from us with the masks and isolation.

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Where Tessa see joylessness, they see big profits and global control. One small cog of big bad machine if someone is interested in structures of evil. Of course, “to help” poor people to connect to big banks. ( WEF likes megalomaniac big sounding ego titles? Champions Leaders?

Suggestion from Frank Luntz?)

‘Champions Leaders’

World Economic Forum

The EDISON Alliance

Connecting Governments, Connecting Industries, Connecting People


Edison Alliance Objective:

Alliance aims to work towards ensuring global and equitable access to the digital economy. Its prime goal is to ensure an unprecedented level of cross-sectoral collaboration between the technology industry and other critical sectors of the economy, according to the WEF.

Essential Digital Infrastructure and Services Network (EDISON) Alliance

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Nailed it again, ever insightful Tessa!

'They' have been playing with the God Gene for awhile now, please see here: https://stateofthenation.co/?p=13277

According to WHO insider Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, the PCR swab is part of this game:


an excerpt:


She questions whether they are using the PCR test to paralyze the pineal gland.

The pineal gland was described as the “Seat of the Soul” by René Descartes (French 17th Century philosopher) and it is located in the center of the brain. The main function of the pineal gland is to receive information about the state of the light-dark cycle from the environment and convey this information to produce and secrete the hormone melatonin – which is giving humans senses and sensibilities. Reducing or eliminating these unique capacities, makes us humans vulnerable to “robotization”.

If there wasn’t a deeper agenda behind the PCR-test, she says there wouldn’t be a need to stick a test-swab deep into your sinuses where it touches a thin membrane that separates the sinus cavity from your brain. A saliva sample would be enough. ..."

Here you can see evidence from the Government of Canada that transhumanism is indeed an active plan for our future:



I like the seat of my soul how and where it is, thank you very much! And I revel in the glorious mish mash of emotions - love, joy, anger, sadness, and every other feeling under the sun - you know, the things that make us divinely HUMAN.

Perhaps Bill, Klaus et al have practiced on themselves, since I see no evidence of humanity in any of those ghostly bots.

Be well and be strong everyone! ❤

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The joylessness you describe is the joylessness of the psychopaths who would control us.

"Psychopaths, in general, have a hard time forming real emotional attachments with others. Instead, they form artificial, shallow relationships designed to be manipulated in a way that most benefits the psychopath. People are seen as pawns to be used to forward the psychopath’s goals. Psychopaths rarely feel guilt regarding any of their behaviors, no matter how much they hurt others." — Mental Health America

They know that the algorithms they create work on inanimate objects to manipulate and to create death and destruction. Now they think that transhumanism will give them immortality.

The joy, the spark you write about will never be found nestled between those 1s and 0s.

Another meditation of mine: https://zero-sum.org/algorithmized/

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Thank you Tessa for another awe-inspiring article. Joy is our innate state and no bully can steal our birthright of happiness without our consent!

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Americans got “real” info long time ago, that half of them will die of cancer. World leaders in that and trash making. Their solution “was” to put more eggs in basket of psychopaths. Standing supply of approved Adrenaline shots for “don’t care” psychopaths to distort and rob the world of solutions. Most plebs were just to stupid to see pattern of crashes and instability every 7-8 years as results. Not all psychopaths are unaware of consequences of such behavior of their own. Do not make mistakes, they are using them last 50 years, to make things much worse and accelerating them to the point of planned world makeover. People are now dumbed down and sick enough, to not ask for spiritual leader, but for psychopathic one again as a solution.

How they say: “Optimist ist pessimist without memory.”

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"Until you change how money works, you change nothing." Michael C. Ruppert.

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Got my music on "shuffle" (as always) and just as I am reading this piece a song by Gomez comes on:

Keep on kicking shit, keep running off the rails

Keep on picking the dirt from 'neath your fingernails

'Cause I'm not worried about your state of mind

'Cause you're not the revolutionary kind

Keep on in the jungle with your techno-cality

Keep on lapping up your chemical duty-free

'Cause I'm not worried about your state of mind

'Cause you're not the revolutionary kind

Keep on twisting turning, staring down the sun

Keep on dancing dancing, dance with everyone

You're not the revolutionary kind

Allright. Gotta love these sparkly little happenings that sneak up on us and give us a kiss.

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there's been a lot of talk about how of all the great dystopic novels have actually been used as prototypes for the New Abnormal. Remember, the Brits took down the statue of Orwell outside the Houses of Parliament.

Everybody has been talking about 1984, and Brave New World. I think we're about a year away from the Handmaid's Tale if all continues on track without being derailed. What you're on to, Tessa, is the Sameness in Lois Lowry's classic The Giver. https://www.sparknotes.com/lit/giver/summary/

And I think Klaus Schwab must have a copy next to his pillow. But not because he agrees with Lowry's cautionary tale.

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Covid 19 - SARS 2 has been implemented. A global PR campaign of fear, distraction and a useful vehicle to usher in greater forms of population control through social conditioning and laws. An effective way to blindside us to the onset of the sixth mass extinction. It buys time and elicits control for those who have the means. It shores-up resource allocation and tracking, it provides the reason and psychological preparedness for the coming decline in prosperity and freedom. It supplies us with an enemy. Oh and a few billion $ can be made along the way… it’s a “look at that car crash!” moment whilst behind us all life on earth steadily dies. Time is running out for us. In two decades things will be desperate indeed. Community and togetherness is what made us so successful in the past and it really is the only thing we have as ammunition against the coming end days. It’s no coincidence that this pandemic is eroding that very thing.

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