The ghosts sure have powerful magic. I don’t recognise people anymore. Occasionally you catch one off guard and the spell temporarily abates, then suddenly you’re face to face with a real live person! But that’s pretty rare. Mostly the humans are engaged thoroughly in their job which almost entirely defines their being. If they’re not working they are espousing the dominant cultural narrative and are very articulate about what is newsworthy, currently trending and what’s at the top of their must have item list. Beyond consuming, working and being right there really isn’t much else to a human these days. That’s why I live alone. I don’t want to. I like company but the humans are so caught up in this ... game? I don’t know what you would call it but it’s noisy and very busy with lots of cars zipping all over the place. It’s also very crude and ugly, artless and dare I say a little pointless? I hope I get to meet a real human again one day. Thanks for writing this Tessa. I feel a tiny bit less alone. J x

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This is the essence of the battle - in all of humanity, and, to my experience - it's more prevalent in men ( whether they know of their ghosts, or not) I've been developing a TV series where this is one of the key themes, and in my pitch video, I have this opening quote:

"Ghosts Haunt, But Life Calls. Therein, Lies our Choice. Will and Imagination exist to keep out ghosts at bay."

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so deep , thoughtful, profound and well articulated

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"Ownership of things and experiences" - I have seen and puzzled over the experiences part. I see that there seems to be trophy in experiences as well as things, but haven't gotten very far putting that into context. Interesting that you should write this because it's been drifting around in the back of my mind wondering where to fit.

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It is simpler to think you are separate, like a pinball making it's way through the pinball machine.

It's also just wrong, false , untrue.

We are all in spiritual union, whether we close our eyes and shout "bla, bla, bla, bla-bla, blablablablaaaaa" or not.

It is a lot more effort to know the truth of our connection, and it's threatening to think it, but it is, anyway, whether we think it or not.

It's easy to start to love those who seem to hold no threat, and in whom we see promise for love and happiness.

Hold That Thought!

How long did you hold it?

It's not enough, because it can't stay still. We have to know our connection with the imperfect and the just-fucking-wrong, greedy and hurtful.

That's an advanced lesson. Jesus did it. Jesus was totally advanced.

I'm still having a lot of trouble with Dick Cheney, but I see the job, and I can see why.

I'm working on aspiration for Henry Kissinger to know God, to know Love, to know brotherhood of man, before he dies. He's 99.

It's just better for the universe if he can know God, love, spiritual-family, the Truth.

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Existence is disconnection, or rather the /illusion/ of disconnection.

The everyday phenomenal dimension is like the surface of the ocean: every thing is a wave, a process, a transient. Existence is separation. It is easy to be fooled that separation is sustainable or even significant. All paths have the same destination. The best we can do is to savour our separation and take in the spectacular. Existence is a window to the Infinite, which is Complex - Nothing is real, everything else is Imaginary. Mobilise the Möbius Manoeuvre: Infinity is Unity if Nothing is twisted.

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"Men are what their mothers made them."

--Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet/Philosopher, born May 25, 1803

If a man is "withholding soul nourishment" it is because he cannot do otherwise, being taught since infancy that expression of feelings (emanations of the soul) by males is a sign of weakness and as such this will make him undesirable as an adult to the great majority of women who are naturally biologically attracted to "strong" men. (the whole "dominant male gets all the females" thing we see among wild animal groups). In other words:

"Big boys don't cry".

It is a rare mother indeed who nourishes the soul of her male child by allowing him ongoing access to his own feelings. And so it goes that many, if not most, soulful, good-hearted women go hungry throughout their lives in the feeling dept. of their love relationships.

This post is a sober look at what life is like these days for people still in touch with their living soul. Thank you for being so open with yourself, Tessa. (Is this the blues I'm singing?)

To live with heart is to "lose" most of the time. And yet the hope does not fade. We get up, dust ourselves off and jump into the ring again, where in all likelihood, the same thing will happen.

And it does happen. So why are we not broken? Why do we not give up and become ghosts?

What is this sweet, simple thing of profound beauty and vulnerability we call "Heart"?

I have no answer. I just know that without it, I feel I am nothing and life has no meaning.

To live with soul, to know yourself and be who you are, to live the way you wish to (as far as that is possible), is this not winning every moment of your life?

Since today is his birthday, why not one more from RW Emerson:

"Why should the way I feel depend on the thoughts in someone else's head?"

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