New Normal, Go Away

Wow, it's really been a year.

First of all, I want to thank all of you who donated and sent me kind words. It helped me for right now and warmed my heart tremendously. I now know for sure I am not alone. I guess the Great Reset was great for something, it was great for discovering humanity amid all this weird darkness. Thank you.

I want to know you as a computer,
Forget the Biblical sense.

I want my perfect device to read your brain waves.
I want my perfect device to know your heart rate.
New intimacy, on display.
New connections,
All digitized.

New sky, in perfect 3D,
And yes, for $3.99 you can edit the color,
And for additional ten you can move the ad to the right.
Do you like it?

New intimacy,
For the people.
Your momma's fears were silly!
It all worked out.

Wow, it’s really been a year.

Remember how unusual, crazy and thrilling it was when they said that they would shut things down for two weeks to help the hospitals and flatten the curve?

It’s been some wild two weeks!

The “how it started / how it is going” meme has never been more bizarre.

A random memory: At one point in the summer, during the curfew in New York, I heard a loud noise outside at night and thought, “What is it? A garbage truck? A tank? An alien landing? Does it matter?” And I just went back to sleep without even looking as nothing could be too strange.

And remember the “conspiracy theories” whispered early on? The crazy whisper about how we won’t come back to normal, how our rights could be taken away for good, how after we are allowed to breathe we won’t be able to travel or live a normal life without a health passport? Remember the crazy whisper?!

I remember!

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I was personally whispering observations about the curious parallels between what was going on and the known longstanding goals of Big Tech, about the palpable color revolution in the air—which I recognized from being from Eastern Europe—about how things would either really reopen in two weeks or we were being definitely groomed for a gradual transition to dystopia where the coronavirus would pick up where the corporately hijacked green movement had left off, etc. etc.

I remember telling someone that I wanted to be wrong but it just didn’t look like it. It definitely looked like the end goal was dystopia, and that they just couldn’t tell us right away because the people would revolt, so they were boiling the water very slowly and wearing us out by moving the goal posts, so that after many months of being disoriented, we would accept anything…anything at all, just to enjoy the basic freedoms and joys of physical existence, such as walking around in the park without a mask and breathing freely…

I remember.


I really wanted to be wrong.

But look around.

It’s been two weeks, then another month, then another half a year, and now it’s March of 2021.

And now … Why are they all still wearing masks? Outside? The toddlers? WTF?

I feel exhausted and I want to scream. What’s with them? Who poisoned their soup? Do they really feel like nothing weird is going on?!

It’s been a year.

And now that the “emergency” phase is seemingly winding down, and the New Normal that is being unboxed for us is not remotely normal—[screams]—can it be that the swindle has succeeded with no revolt?


The damage has been done. The trauma has been induced. Induced and internalized. Many have been re-educated, tempted to comply for now, and sent on a long and twisted journey in search of their hearts. What now? Are we now under the boot of the machine?

What will happen?

Well, that’s a tough one. I think it depends on us.

No really, I think it depends on us.

It sucks but it’s just us who are standing between the monster and the love. It’s us.

It’s has always been about the connection to other human beings.

Even in the middle of all this freak show, the sweetest thing has been new friendships, and the most traumatic thing has been the loss of friends, the pressure to perform, the social requirement to feel ridiculous for having basic human feelings like the need to touch.

But many are waking up (see Florida, for example, and also all the protests).


I am going to end with an old song that I quoted in the beginning.

We still have each other, and our choices matter.

Laughing or crying, I am standing straight.

New Normal, go away.