We killed people by overreacting to a virus that had almost certainly been circulating in the country for months without a huge death spike.

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Oh, so many testimonies of this, of basically, a positive covid test but also bacterial pneumonia left untreated, add remdesivir, no food, not enough water, ventilator, inadequate personal hygiene, isolation, the end.


Covid 19: A Second Opinion

Discussion Panel Hosted by Senator Ron Johnson

Livestreamed January 24, 2022


Clip of just Nicole Sirotek's testimony:




NICOLE SIROTEK: Thank you, Senator, for giving me an uninterrupted opportunity to represent the harm that is coming to the patients in the American hospitals and the lack of early intervention.

My name is Nicole Sirotek. I'm a registered nurse. I've been a registered nurse for over a decade. My specialty is critical care trauma and flight. Since the start of the covid pandemic I've actually been rebranded, I guess you can say, as a leading expert in early intervention strategies executed on a large mass scale using the FLCCC* protocol as well as ventilator or covid patient ventilator protective strategies to optimize covid patients on the ventilators.

My story actually begins back in May of 2020. I was one of the original nurses that went to NYC to help with the covid pandemic because as we remember, they needed nurses, and most importantly they needed ventilators. Well, I was the whole package, a flight nurse that can manage ventilators.

And when I arrived there, the gross negligence and the medical, you know, malfeasance that happened in there and the complete medical mismanagement of these patients is what has led us to the situation that we're in right now. The pandemic and the hysteria that was created from poor public health measures and poor execution of appropriate early intervention strategies and the handicapping of medical professionals doing their job has led to where we are right now and into the crisis situation that we are in.

I will use several key case studies that will represent larger descriptive statistical information heard I'm going to speak of. But when I was in New York, and what continues to happen today, is that many of them are not dying from covid.

Now many people don't know about me is that I'm actually a master's prepared biochemist and I have worked extensively with the HIV virus tracking genetic mutations, so I feel very comfortable going toe-to-toe with some of these doctors here, although I am not a doctor, I'm just a nurse.

But what we saw on these front lines we knew what was happening, and when we asked for the ibuprofen they said, no, it was contraindicated. When we asked, like, why aren't we giving them steroids? Oh, well it's not. We're just following orders.

Following orders has led to the sheer number of deaths that has occurred in these hospitals.

I didn't see a single patient died of covid. I've seen a substantial number of patients die of negligence and medical malfeasance.

[audience members around her all nod their heads, yes, vigorously]

When I was on the front lines of New York I'm unfortunately known, globally viral, as the nurse that was in the break room sobbing, saying that they were murdering my patients. The pharmaceutical companies had gone into those hospitals and decided to, um, practice, I guess you can say, on on the minorities, on the disadvantaged, on the marginalized populations that we know that we had no advocates for. Because the very agencies that should have been protecting them were closed because we were [makes air quotes with fingers] sheltering in place.

Now while I was there and I saw that the pharmaceutical companies were rolling out remdesivir onto the patients, I tried to get a hold of the IRBS* I try to get a hold of my appropriate chain of commands, I tried CMS [Centers for Medicare and Medicaid], I tried Department of Health. And they rolled out remdesivir onto a substantial number of patients for which we all saw it was killing the patients. And now its the FDA approved drug that is continuing to kill patients in the United States.

As nurses we've collected a statistical or descriptive amount of information that you may not get from the doctors because for more they do quantitative data, we do qualitative data with a humanistic phenomenological approach in nursing research. And so we've collected the data from all of these patients across the country from which we have been helping patients, because I formed the organization American Frontline Nurses and the Advocacy Network so nurses could advocate for these patients. And all of this data pool shows that as these patients get remdesivir, they have a less than 25 percent chance of survival if they get more than two doses.

Now they're rolling it out on children as well, and into the nursing homes or school nursing facilities as early intervention, when as Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Merrick*** have already demonstrated that there are cost-effective medications out there. And we are going to see the amplification of death across our country.

And we haven't even touched on the vaccines, for which all of our expert panels have already very well described that situation, so I won't touch on that since many of them are by far superior to me than than even I could ever hope to be.

But I can tell you that two days ago I I flew out my first 10 year-old with a heart attack and I had to fight the doctor in the ER because he's like, 10 year olds don't have heart attacks. And I argued back and forth for 30 minutes to force his hand to get an EKG to find out that he was, had almost a complete STEMI, which is ST-elevation myocardial infarction**** for which you could see it lit up on the 12-Lead EKG. And he's like, well that's not possible. And I'm like, well, he was just vaccinated yesterday. It is very much possible.

At any given time people are getting a hold of me and the nurse advocates at American Frontline Nurses to help advocate because, as you've seen, there is victim shaming that it, oh, it's anxiety, oh, it's this. But in actuality, if they put down that it was a vaccine injury, the physician, the corporation, the hospital, the clinic, they actually won't get reimbursed, so it gets labeled as anxiety or neuropathy or Guillain Barré syndrome, when in actuality it's very realistically a vaccine injury.

Now I'm not, even though I founded American Frontline Nurses, I've traveled extensively to South America, India, and South Africa working in hot zones stopping the spread of the virus and working with early intervention, and nowhere in those countries and developing nations do I see these issues that we see here in the United States. It's actually, I'm a very proud American citizen, I come from a family of immigrants and my mother told me that the United States is the best country in the world, though granted, I am biased being an American, and our level of health care has been deteriorated to substandard, third world nation health care, whereas I tell people, you are better off in South America in a field hospital than you are in level one trauma designer hospitals in the United States.

As nurses we are getting reports across the country from our American Frontline Nurses about patients not getting food. Patients not getting water. How come a patient hasn't been fed in nine days? Why do I need to get a court order to force a hospital to feed a person who isn't intubated, and who's literally telling you they would like food? Oh, well you can't take your BiPAP map mask off. Well that's what US nurses are for, we're going to help you take that off, we're going to help you eat, but we're not allowed to.

If, you know, if they're on a ventilator they're not getting basic standards of care. I've had patients that haven't been bathed, haven't been fed, haven't been given water, haven't been turned. And if you ask me, this isn't a hospital this is a concentration camp!

[audience clapping]

Absolutely it is. Nowhere in the United States do we isolate people for hundreds of hours at a time with no human contact. It's not even allowed in the prisons. You are not allowed to isolate a prisoner for beyond a certain extensive amount of time because it is, again, it is horrible for their mental health, and is considered inhumane. However, in these hospitals now, we're allowed to isolate patients from their families for days, and you have to say goodbye to them over an iPhone, as Jennifer Bridges has just demonstrated to us, or she has to shuttle people in to see. And personally, I was fired for sneaking a Hispanic family in to say the last rights to their family.

And so thank you, Senator Johnson, for giving nurses the opportunity to come and represent our patients because, as you can see, we're not often thought of as leading professionals, though we are the missing link between the doctors and the patients. So thank you so much for this time.

[audience clapping]


[audience clapping]

Thank you for being a nurse.



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This makes a lot of sense. I had the Alpha strain in January 2020. I battled a bad cough and shortness of breath for a couple of weeks. Something I’d never before experienced. Was given azithromycin and in less than two days was feeling markedly better. Never understood why an antibiotic would work such wonders on a virus.

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Very timely, I have included this in my own article of today "Chronic Stress/Fear Increases Susceptibility to Potentially Lethal Infections" https://garysharpe.substack.com/p/chronic-stressfear-increases-susceptibility

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This was also true of the REAL epidemic in 1918. At that time influenza was confidently attributed to pneumococcus bacteria, which were ALWAYS abundant in the patients.

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In 2020 I wrote a report detailing among other items the successful case studies of using Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in Wuhan, in the Winthrop Hospital in Mineola NY small unrandomized trial with patients showing with MRI the day by day clearing of the ground glass opacity in their lungs associated with pulmonary issues. FDA denied EUA in mid 2020 for HBOT despite a 90% success in alleviating the hypoxia.

My report was ignored by my New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, President Nez of the Navajo Nation, Albuquerque Indian Public Health and even President Trump. Sad that we could have rolled out thousands of chambers for saving lives but instead did intubated mechanical ventilators with an average 80 plus percent mortality. Look at the 2020 excess mortality for the USA. It was as bad as Hitler culling hundreds of thousands of his own German people prior to WWII. Sickens me our inhumanity.

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Forgotten or ignored? The Great Influenza of 1918 had the same phenomenon; death from pneumonia.

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Heard on NPR by a friend:

"during the peak of covid we heard that thousands of people were dying from covid daily, and that was scary, but did you know that thousands of people die every day in the US from a variety of preventable diseases? Over 1,000 die a day from diet related diseased like heart disease and diabetes and related complications."

Propaganda gaslighting at its finest.

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After 52 years, I can attest to this. There is no recovery after a loved one is murdered. Especially when your parents were complicit.

Those in denial will remain in denial to their graves. Their brains will not let them go there, will not let that information enter, because they could not withstand the pain. They will remain deaf to that truth to their graves.

The only ones luckier than they are are those who died suddenly & unexpectedly.

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Somebody removed post pneumonia treatments, that is antibiotics which was standard in treating people with this condition. Somehow they were taken off the protocols? This Covid plot couldn’t look any more intentional if it tried.

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Do you follow Brian Mowrey? He has been saying this for years.

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So early treatment always had antibiotics. Brody protocol was early one.

Question was Cytokine storm/ bradycardia a side track?

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They are trolling people now...

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"Iatrogenic deaths" yet again. Hospital staff are run ragged by business managers everywhere. Things are so much worse than they used to be, worse than in many other countries I have visited, and there is impatience, denial and blaming the victim as the institutional response to valid complaints and concerns.

The wrong people are in command of the system.

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An additional aspect is that mechanical ventilation wasn't even needed anyway in most or all cases of COVID pneumonia. I remember Dr. McCullough writing early in the pandemic that "COVID pneumonia" was not pneumonia in the traditional sense. The oxygen exchange in te lungs was not the problem. It was a metabolic effect from COVID, affecting the ability of the patient's blood to make use of the oxygen. I remember him saying that it was akin to altitude sickness. That's what I remember him writing in early to mid 2020. I don't know if that finding changed later.

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There was a study in the early 2000's with Fauci as an author that looked at autopsies from the so called Spanish Flu. Apparently most of the people died from bacterial pneumonia not the flu.

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