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I still remember IBM belittling the idea of personal computers since why would anyone want a mainframe computer in their home.

I still recall Billy Gates and MS being completely blindsided by Netscape's browser.

On an on throughout history, there have been people who think they've got it all figured out. Historically, they have always been wrong.

The problem we face today is we have lost our compass. We have demons and psychopaths infesting our societies yet people seem more focused on promoting an "it's all good" mentality then they are with doing (and saying) what is right.

I read an article where one of the leading soft drink manufacturers was working on a vending machine that would automatically raise the price when the temperature increased. I've related they story to lots of people and many of them think that idea is ingenious or good business.

I think it is demonic.

We are becoming a myopic species with primary focus on money, instant gratification, and youth. A trend no doubt being deliberately promoted by the people with control of the money. Shorten the attention span and it is easier to drive the populace. It is also easier to conceal the truth. They lie much faster than you can prove they are lying.

However, only love and truth create. Indifference and deceit can only destroy. Eventually they consume themselves and everyone around them.

Keep up the good work Tessa. You're a beacon.

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The evil is insurmountable evil. Those people are killing us in order to merge their sick fantasies into a lesser world of their liking to let go of beautiful and soul like humanity that are us.

The past two years have been hell and back even though I live in a country that has never been closed down, like NZ, Australia, UK, US, Spain, Austria, Thailand, South Africa and on and on…… My heart goes out to all those that has suffered meaningless death and devastation because of their whims to rule over the planet and play their awful games while laughing at us, We the people, behind their closed castle ivory tower doors.

The people of the world is slowly coming to an awareness and an awakening about all of the thick lies that has been there since way way way back. It is a rude awakening for many and it takes compassion from all of us to ease all this and do the necessary healing now and forward.

I just listened to the truckers that talked with senator Ron Johnson and Ted Cruz together with Dr Pierre Cory and Dr Paul Alexander. VERY moving to hear stories that are out there even though only a fraction of them where lifted. Each individual, each person, we all have a story of hardship, suffering and tremendous amount of loneliness and hopelessness brought on by actually non human like people that has anointed themselves as rulers. They were never chosen by We the people.

They all have to go, to be held accountable for their heinous crimes against humanity.

We are not meant to be a merge between AI and their edited and altered human.

We are HUMAN and We shall continue to be HUMAN

the way they never can be as they have no souls.

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'Yikes. Fuck. Shit!' I couldn't agree more. I am cussing my way through the crazy as well. It's good to hear others doing it too! It is the language of spirits under siege and boy, are we ever. I first began to see the machine in the 80's, which I observed from a position of deep trauma. I knew things were spiralling out of control but had no idea what to do about it. It just felt so wrong, Thatcher breaking up the unions and encouraging a society based on greed and selfism, destroying community and even the semblance of equality. Beggars took to the streets in their thousands all over the UK, where I grew up. She (and Reagan) did such a good job of changing the world that when asked what her legacy was, she said "Tony Blair" - the young leader of the 'New Labour Party' and the next Prime Minister. Here in NZ where I live now, Jacinda Ardern, who worked for Blair on one of the rungs to her very planned ascent, is the embodiment of 'New Labour' and everything that is the polar flip of our political systems around the world, where right and left have no distinct definition anymore. Also planned. Right now, the best thing we can do is to starve all centralised politics of oxygen. Turn away, create lives that we want, with meaning and purpose, with each other in respect, cooperation and peace, no matter what. If we cannot do that, then maybe we are getting what we deserve. Every time I am asked to mask up (yup, still doing that here) and every time someone declares their fear of what is (and has always been) a 'flu which will be mild unless you are susceptible for other health reasons or age, I feel a little bit more uncertain about the conquering spirit we need to assert in order to survive and thrive. What has happened to courage and conviction? What has happened to our individual compasses of truth, reason, logic and self-determination? We need the numbers, we need to not be distracted by convenient and planned wars started by the US and Nato. Suffering is always going to happen, most of it will be out of our control. If we are lucky enough to live with even a pretence of democracy, we have to work hard to create other ways of living and shine, shine, shine. Wake up the fearful and those with arrested development, remind them who they can be outside of the machine which has swallowed them whole.

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I appreciate your ideas information and optimism about love vs scams !!

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i got a lot of gifts from the last two years, and no it wasn't easy - that terrible complexity of life, that effort in = effort out....anyways, i became so grounded in my healing truth as a herbalist and got to prove ti to myself, I got to feel the stop in the first few weeks and i got to feel deeply just how evil is a force in our world and how mad that made me. Most of all i got to feel again how we are connected and meant to reinforce those feelings, in person in communities.

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I agree with you, Tessa, the truth will come out, and human beings are not to be played with like puppets eternally. Love will overcome all this nonsense, deception, violence and it will destroy the malfeasors from within.

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I wonder about several things which you might be experiencing.

Are you treated as a pariah because you are Russian?

Do you get deja vu in America?

You have now become aware that western crony financial- capitalism was pulling a lot of the strings to speed the failure of the Soviet economy.

Did anybody in Russia suspect it then?

I feel that many decisions being made in the USA in recent years are very bad for Americans, american businesses, and the long-term American interests. Very recently, I see a lot of actions that are also hastening the collapse of the "Maerican Empire" and the $US-petrocurrency regime.

This is even bad for the bad-guys. What is up with this?

Who is writing all of these exceptionally bad scripts for these exceptionally dull politicians?

Just wondering...


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Well said. In times like this we see who submits and who resists. Hard times are coming, continue to resist and remember your humanity to others in the process, lest we become like them.

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I love what you're saying and now I'm going to read that 2019 essay

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Thank you, Tessa, for this. Delightful read.

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I feel that a book about your life would be an extremely valuable (and important) gift to humanity.

Your way of asking the hard questions and fearlessly shining light into the shadows invites many to "grow a spine" and embody love to dissolve the parasitic empires that have built up around us. In a book format I think such a thing would benefit many!

So many places on Earth are degenerating into various forms of totalitarian communism and/or fascism. I feel that the uncensored (and eloquently articulated) perspectives and experiences you share in your writing (relating to the Soviet Union, various explorations into the modern globalist mafia(s) and your trailblazing a path to nurture and express your unique creative gifts) is a much-needed medicine for this world.

I feel like your style of writing and your story is just the medicine many people need when we live in a world being pushed into conformity, subservience and infantilization. When one listens to you speak or reads your writing one can sense the fierce courage, deep compassion, inquisitive open-mindedness and extraordinary intelligence you have fostered within. These are qualities this world desperately needs more of, and in a physical book these gifts you offer the world may reach some that digital avenues do not (and persist after such digital avenues of expression cease to exist or are temporarily blocked/crippled).

If you crowd-funded your book I would be one of the first to pre-order a copy! :)

Keep up the great work Tessa!

Much love and respect from Canada

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Much like yourself Tessa, I too have come through this last two years of hell as a happier, fitter, more resiliant and, it has to be said, now spiritual person. As tough as it has been, strain that the stress of this period placed on me as I completed my course of red pills (I thought i'd had enough before Covid) nearly broke me and my marriage. However, since those very dark moments 18 months ago, the journey of self reflection left me much more sure of both who I am and where I exist in this messed up world. So as bad as this period has been, I actually think it saved me from myself. Now all I have to do is figure out a way to save my family. But thats a one day at a time thing. There really is no other way to do that right now. I have learnt to broaden my shoulders to carry the burden of what is really going on in this world, while protecting my family from the worst of the hypothetical possibilities that we are now facing. Its strange how the closer you come to facing tghe morbid reality of life, the more you feel alive.

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Love the stories Tessa. My concern however is when the “operators” begin merging the machine with the spirit. They are farther down this road than most people realize. What do we do then?

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Hav knot read yet-

pleased to hear you from White Mountains always welcome door open escape into nature takeup ultra running cool courses here everywhere abound and no fauci tics at elevation send them all to witness protection ruse number fifteen thousand obvious ly a criminal hidden from prosecution-

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I read your 2019 essay, like it! Love your descriptive ability!

I grew up in the north of the UK a foreigner of german jewish heritage... the northern children at my school in the small town we'd moved to had small minds. I was dressed differently, smelled of garlic and had a funny accent and all I wanted was to be accepted... never was. Later in my teens I decided that being different was cool... the Hippy era, art school and what is more my ideas and knowledge of politics were way ahead of most people I spoke with... my mom was pretty savvy . Then in my early 20's I ended up in South Africa and lived under a fascist regime for thirty odd years, until Mandela was released from prison. I seem to have spent my whole life rebelling against what I considered was injustice.

And now this. Ho, hum, boy are they trying their luck. Anyways onwards and upwards into the light!!!

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