Gee it's almost as if we arrived here on planet earth, which was able to provide everything we need to survive, by some crazy accident. Now without the endless interference of our 'controller's' we don't stand a chance. Fresh air, clean water, unpolluted soil for food, free thought and movement.... No of course not! You awful oxygen breathers. Shut up, get in this little city, and eat what we say. (Oh, and of course, if you take enough jabs, all this will sound reasonable.) Our wanna be controllers will continue to meet secretly - arriving via their private planes - to secure our future.

Um, have we had enough?

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The infrared light and full spectrum of the sun is crucial to our survival, and metabolism of all plants on the planet. The climatologists are showing how fanatical and blind to nature they've become with their religion of technology, which is ultimately a religion of control.

Here's an article I wrote about how infrared light of the sun powers our metabolism: https://open.substack.com/pub/romanshapoval/p/the-sun-we-cant-see?r=1iykap&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

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Thank you Tessa, I have a controversial comment, ignore it.

“Every Vaccine Produces Harm” by Dr. Andrew Moulden


The Covid jab is not a vaccine, is a biological weapon.


Any one suggesting geoengineering is about ‘cooling the planet’ is an idiot or paid to promote misinformation. The sun’s heat is not warming the earth because heat does not travel through empty space and because our sun is a COLD planet, Do we still believe the shit established science is feeding us? The sun AND the earth together create our atmosphere that we live in, and the ‘heat’ is an action of our earth’s energies ‘marrying ’ with the energies of the sun. The energies are invisible (only a tiny fraction is visible, one octave) and the spectrum is unknown. I wonder if we are going to wake up anytime soon….Love to all here.

The food symposium is a must for all to watch.

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So funny! I needed those Simpson cartoons. How long ago were those made?

The rest, of course, is horrifying.

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Humor? Irony? An accordion walks into a bar... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRa_gC6y4CY

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This theory is new to me:


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Why are the military wanting to dim the sun??

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A Call for Heat in the Year 2030:


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The Food That Built America


I think you can find some useful vids out of this, they also have the Men Who Built America, and the manufacturing. Since 1950 the big Auto plants of Detroit have sat empty and decaying. Drug havens now. The one that perked my ears was the big manufactures buying McKinley the Presidency, taking Teddy R out of the running choicing him as VP. Till the nut job assinated McKinley, Teddy made reforms of manufacturing espically food processing. His taking up the Bullmoose party junk put Taft in. 100% change in the Teddy we knew. That is something not taught in history classes.

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Reminds me of SOYLENT GREEN, Atlata Shrugged my all time favorite, and BLADE RUNNER, I love EMP books they tell stories of what is possible. Today's fiction often become tomorrows facts.

PS Biden still wants your Gas Stove, Lowe's appliances is already warning remodlers of the 'new' demands.

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I would like to add a point to this, if it's not too presumptious or pretentious:

"Today, the middle class in the West is under attack, and “consumption interventions” are being designed with the goal of curbing the pesky westerners’ habits of buying what they want"

Add "indigenous" between "pesky" and "westerners".

The reason for this is that there's not a nation in EUrope west of Russia where the authorities have failed to allow for the tremendous growth of a parallell economy among the invading migrant races. I'm not talking about the tiny percentage legal migrants with their economy in order, proper paperwork and soon but about the tens of millions of what can only be described as a Lumpenproletariat. The city of Malmö in Sweden is the perfect example.

The swedish taxation office estimated in 2008 that about 1/3 of the city's economy came from what they term grey economy; technically illegal activities such as un-registered imports and sales of otherwise legal goods and commodities. A black market in the open so to speak.

This is left alone by authorities despite the ties it has to organised crime (the drug, weapons and sex-slave trade) and to religious extremism (islam), for lots of reasons tied into domestic politics which I'll skip - the background alone would take thousands of words to detail.

The demography of Malmö is about 35% actual real swedes, the rest are "refugees" (read: frauds) or their children, now on the fifth generation witout any integration or assimilation into swedish society - by their own choice since they a large of moslem origin and openly detest and despise all non-moslems. Moslem men, women and children spitting at swedes for walking their dogs isn't uncommon. The same swedes who's taxes and labour pays for the moslem's residency and welfare, which is commonly referred to by the moslems as 'zakat' (look it up).

Sweden in case you didn't know, has largely gotten the real dregs of the millions of migrants invading EUrope. For 25 years.

I would argue that the measures dr Mercola, you and others regularly and justifiably warn about and debate are solely focused on the labour and middle classes; the migrant welfare-dependent, criminal and chronically unemployable races are not targeted by this for the simple reason that they aren't perceived as real citizens or even real people with their own ideas, ideals and agendas.

People like me - indigenous nationalists - are regularly ecried as being racists for not wanting the numberless hordes of Africa and Asia to swamp us and exterminate us due to simple demographical change.

Yet, who are the actual racists? It's the Merkels, Macrons, Johnsons and so on who think an afghan or a hut or a palestinian moving to France or Germany or Britain does so because she or he wants to swap their culture for another - such disrespect! Such utter bloody snobbish elitism not considering that all peoples value their own ways as the true one, and hold their own culture in high esteem, warts and all.

They - the elites - ae the real racists. They are the ones who want a Homo Europeansis Consumentis (pig's latin I know), a capitalist-corporatist version of the old Homo Sovjeticus and Homo Novus ideals.

"Our" elites think this hodge-podge mix of mongrel trash their home nations are only too glad to be rid of will be forever obedient, forever compliant and will never be a power in their own right.

Their folly will lead to genocide, maybe even to specieside.

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