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This same view, that "who screams loudest, wins" also presupposes that humans are mindless, sleeping zombies who are easily mind-controlled by simple suggestion. While this would appear to be true ; ^ ], the fact is that we are complicit in the "shutting down of our hearts". We do it to ourselves, having been taught this from a young age. We even bash each other into doing that very thing as adults. We do this to avoid the unavoidable, that as humans, we are always vulnerable at all times. In desperation, we lock the heart down, afterwards feeling relieved thinking this has made us strong, but it only makes us crazy.

We then go out in the world, have kids, and teach them our crazy to make sure they do well amongst all the crazies.

The heart is pure human energy, it is very powerful, knowing neither good nor evil. We are not its' master, ever. We can only hope to roll with it in order to keep its' sweet nectar flowing which makes it quite a troublesome thing at times! All manner of difficult feelings may assail us at any given moment. Who can navigate them successfully without running afoul of the prevailing mind-set of humanity?

Remaining socially connected in this time and place, this is a tight-rope act is it not? If we lose sight of the free will of others to think and act as they feel is best for them, we then lose our way, our heart song falters and we become oppressors ourselves.

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I really love this Tessa. You made my evening as in feeling awesome and inspired after I read this. :-)

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We have to begin with a serious examination of the inner life. The first mistake is to look at the

world or a problem etc....and say, "why try to change things, the obstacles etc....are too massive to go up against, there is no way that I can change systems of oppression"!!! We must turn this thinking around and say to our inner life, "I am not going to let these systems of oppression Change Me"!!!!! This is different......this means that our inner self is now connected to a life giving force that is and will always be connected to beauty and love. Again, cultivate a life giving inner life and let the source of our power flow from there. That inner strength will harvest acts of kindness and love outwardly to a broken world that needs direction and hope.....now!!! Peace.

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Yesssssss!! Beautiful!

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I have no words to add to this, you used up all that needed to be said. Nicely said!

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"Isn’t this exactly how “super predators” win, by screaming their song in everybody’s ears so loudly that the ears bleed, the hearts shut down, and the bodies make themselves available to predation?"

No. That view presupposes that people's hearts are not already shut down. The SP's win by guile, craft, swindle, seduction-- cleverly using natural human fears to sell us their wares, namely, violence-backed force while riding to our rescue. It is a very clever trick, one as old as civilization, essentially the old extortion racket: "This is a rough neighborhood, you're gonna need our protection, pay up or, you know, something might happen". Threaten people with death and they will do anything you say.

We never figure it out-- that this threat, that "something might happen", supposedly petty neighborhood criminals, is actually the SP's themselves. They threaten us while wearing a black hat, then don a white one and ride to our rescue. This scam is so deeply enmeshed within our minds, having been installed from day one via our parents, schooling, mass media indoctrination, etc., that we do not question it. The fear in our minds that enable the installation of this mind-fk is so powerful that we have come to regard our daily raping as a normal and acceptable part of life. So much so that the prospect of living free of it is actually terrifying to us.

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I really enjoyed this.. I am enticed by the thought that if two people can love each other nobly.. then they can spread such love in all interactions... how many forms of love are there.. but in essence remain the same? The romantic need not inhibit the universal..

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Daayaam this is profound and deep Tessa!!

Your analysis is to the point. Your vernacular is on a higher level then most people!

Thx. Share with your next production!!👍🏼

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