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As a retired nurse, the recommendations made no sense to me from day 1. I couldn't get a sense, at 1st, of why doctors and supposed "health" officials didn't' know those were useless against a virus, or that it had centuries ago been learned that fresh air and sunshine were the best weapons against the organism. "Sense" came pretty quick: it could only be about power and control. The lies were like the HIV lies 4 decades earlier.

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I wonder if the professional medical community has decided that if these Governments makes a move to ever do this again, that the resistance is organized and ready. I no longer care what the phycological or political explanation was or is for all of those Doctors and Nurses (and other medical administrators) to suddenly abandon their ethics and roll immediately roll over. They were gutless. I know this sounds judgmental, but there is no way free citizens will survive this power play again. I felt so abandoned by these trained, esteemed and cowardly people in charge of protecting the health of their communities. Now they are trying to back track and explain their passivity away with their fear. Like soldiers are trained to fight wars come hell or high water, doctors are trained to fight disease and are highly compensated for their expertise. Much more so than a soldier. I will never feel the same about those who didn’t speak up. None of your certificates proudly hanging in your offices or the alphabet credentials embroidered on your white jacket means you deserve any regard for your failure to protect humanity. It would not have taken any mighty feats, just for you to open your mouth and use your voices. Shame to you and Blessings to those who tried.

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There were so many people that were coerced, not just the medical community.

"Do you want to lose your job, home, career perhaps?"

I agree with your wariness of them, but not many in the so called Western democracies have ever faced this kind of authoritarianism. It is shocking, confusing, especially with all of mainstream media, late night hosts, comedians, social media trolls, most journalists, and lying government officials attacking dissidents viciously.

I'm still hesitant be involved with the medical system, but I can see how cognitive dissonance could be a big factor.

And I'll double your blessings to those who resisted.

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Oaths USED to mean something! Clearly, that, too, is no longer true.

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Informed consent, conflict of interest also went by the wayside.

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Yes, they did. Allopathic medicine has become entirely greed oriented and amoral.

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Except for Freemasonic oaths; those rule over all other oaths. And that, my dear, is what's effed up about this country, all other countries and organizations, law enforcement, courts, political parties, etc. BTW did you notice the Freemason square and compass in the picture which hovers *above* the world? Hmmm, interesting symbology placement I'd say.

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I never took that oath; neither do I answer to it.

Our national gov't buildings were dedicated under Freemason rituals: White House, Capitol, and Supreme Court all 3.

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Well that's because you're a woman (Freemasons are a fraternal organization), and no surprise about our national buildings.

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Some of us independently thinking medical practitioners got fired, decertified from medical specialty boards, and reported for prescribing ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine for COVID.

The still-employed "professional medical community" either kept their heads down or drank the Kool Aid, I'm afraid.

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Im so sorry you were treated that way. Thank you for being brave enough to treat your patients according to your principles. Your reward will come if it hasn’t already.

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Thank You, Elizabeth. I started life with a reward, and have lots of work to do with the blog and vegetable gardens. I built a house last year, much of the work myself, my plans/drawings, general-contracted...

drjohnsblog.substack.com is worth taking a look at. It's my current public service.

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Imagine,if you felt that strongly, how some of us, who did precisely what you view as "the job" for yrs, felt when we saw that capitulation to the power grab! Betrayed and abandoned, but also thoroughly disgusted by the,m. Walking away,rather than comply would have let patients abandoned, yes,but not murdered by the hands supposed to help them.

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For Your Review:

Dr. David Martin Calls for the Destruction of the World ‘Health’ Organization (WHO)


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Thank you!

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I'm all for that, and he rest of the UN with it! Have been for yrs.

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Yep. And RFK, Jr. exposed it all in his stunning piece of work, "The Real Anthony Fauci." It should have been required reading for the entire country. Correction. The entire world. The man is a psychopath, plain and simple.

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Should've been back in the early '80s, thenwe wouldn't have HIV either.

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The consecration of Greed…Hollywood told us, greed is good…greed is Holy, the Sanctification of Greed….

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Yhwh God's version is. But different; He says the love of money is the root of all evil. His version fits the evidence better, IMO.

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I agree!! Jesus did tell us to keep watching for his return meanwhile the government over reaches lies and steals :(. I personally will not mask up due to another variant. Fall is flu season in Canada! Follow the science fellow Canadians 🤗 ✝️ and be skeptical and informed 🇨🇦 Do not drink the koolaid Trudeau is selling :(

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Masking only harms the wearer, by shifting your O2 and CO2 ratio, thus your blood pH in an unhealthy direction, which, in turn, weakens your natural immune system. Does that make sense to you? It doesn't to me.

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Hmm, am not an MD or phlebotomist but a med CDI take can reduce my immune system so am prone to infections 🤷‍♀️

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Many things can negatively impact our natural immune systems, age, diet, lack of exposure to disease pathogens (lack of exercise of the system), any number of chronic ailments, meds we take, etc. Immunosuppressant drugs are, of course, the most obvious, since that's what they're intended to do.

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is a C-span recording of Fauci and others meeting in October 2019 to discuss the marketing of flu to make it sexy, like cancer, as he says at one point. Put a gown on it. Like we did with HIV. Same guy, same bag of tricks. It's slow and slimy and should be widely distributed. Enjoy!

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Do I really need a replay? I lived through it, including HIV. Some things, you get it the 1st time, and don't need repeat lessons.

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Fauci was at the tip of the spear on those "recommendations" as well. Some of the same messaging. That HIV could infect anyone at anytime...forget the fact that it only transmitted through bodily fluids.

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Yes, but ALL of them, unlike the public messaging. I know it was Fauci then too..

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What it felt like (from day one of the two weeks initial lockdown): bullying, abuse, a violation.

First we are not convicts. So the word "lockdown" itself felt outrageous and abusive, and I knew right away it was a psyop meant to break people's spirits, to put them back in their "place", which from the elites' perspective should be that of neutered and compliant life stock.

I also knew, right away, that it was a giant power grab, not only economically but politically. I knew the very rich (like Jeff Bezos) would get richer while the middle and working class, and small business owners, would be broken beyond repair. I also knew governments were claiming new powers they would never relinquish, because that was one of the goals (as with after 9/11).

So to me it felt like a direct attack on humanity...like war, waged by lying governments and psychopathic oligarchs on the world population.

After the deployment of the vaccines, I knew we were in a criminal hostage situation: "you will get your freedom back if and when you accept our demands and comply". Another violation, another form of abuse.

But I never got scared of the covid bioweapon. A few reasons: I do not have a television, so I did not get brainwashed. Beside, I have never trusted the "authorities", and know that the truth is usually the opposite of what they say. And I am extremely healthy, and never get sick.

Although specific information can be very useful, personally I am not into exploring specific so-called rabbit holes...my general understanding is that the top of society (every society) is mostly composed of psychopathic thieves and liars. Everything else is just details...

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Turns out we are convicts, we just didn't wanna realize.

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March 11 2020. I am alone in a huge store in the shopping mall buying a denim jacket. No one is inside because the curfew has been annonced for tomorrow. My birthday is close but I had to cancel the party because of the "terrible" deadly bat virus from China.

Two week to flatten the curve. We are segmented into age group for shopping. Everything in my country is so perfectly organized. So weird. We haven't been able to organize a queue in the post office and now everyone abides perfectly and systematically from the top down? Something smells terribly fishy.

Most of my people (friends, family) are on the wagon with then official narrative. Seeing the headlines form New York and Milan, somehting is terribly, terribly fishy.

By the end of March, several lockdowns and worldwide frenzy, I know that we are lied to. I am just not completely sure and why, in terms of details. Otherwise, I know psychopaths with control heritage are predating for domination and surveillance and that something deeply hienous is happening. My bones and my gut do not digest the news. I am so alone. No one I know thinks like me. One or two friends who keep me sane.

Injections arrive. Our Minister of Health goes ot the border to help(!) with picking up the first order that arrives from AZ/UK. What? He needs to go? All my best friends rush to the neighboring country to get the savior's cure. Not me. I'm becoming more alienated from many close people but slowly starting to form new ties.

June 2020. I am at the beach in my hometown, it's scorching 35 degrees Celsius, people are flocked together like ants, and the police arrives. One woman panicks that she doesn't have her mask on.

It's in the middle of the summer and no single person is in the container hospital in the main clinic built for this purpose.

About the same time, I learn about suffocating early tretament procedures.

From March 2020 to September 2023, many things have changes in my worldview, but not that propaganda is so massive that many people can't fathom it could be real. And I feel so sad that lviing in a country that has been severly tortured by decades if not centuries of lies by people in power, most of the people still wait for the state/government/NGOs to save them....

I've learned so much in the last 3 years. But I'm positive that I know nothing yet.

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Wow, yes. Thank you for sharing this.

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I relate to all of this. 🙏🏾

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Two weeks to flatten the curve,

Took a swerve and went off the road.

Crashing into a field laden with false expectations.

Then slowly, it crippled nations.

Rents rose, shops closed and the elderly began to die.

Cancers diagnosed everywhere

Children taught to be queer

Whilst birth rates are dropping.

A manic phase,

Distracted by bills and the next social craze and some new sort of inequality that was just conjured up.

Whilst being warned about the weather and how it's going to gobble us up.

And so years go on with shifting goal posts,

Obviously the game is rigged, whilst politicians boast that they have it all under control.

All they really control is your perception

Better to call it what it is, deception and social engineering.

Our whole world is being steered.

Veered away from its course

Towards something ugly and unnatural.

And they're doing this intentionally.

If you don't want to look, you won't see it,

But it's happening,

Every day it is happening.

Whether you want to look or not

Two weeks to flatten the curve

Took a swerve into a field of false expectations.

And it struck chaos along the way

It murdered and mangled and mashed up our way of life.

Psychological warfare

Sullied in strife

Is now the new normal

And you still wonder why I seem crazy?

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That's a great song you got there. Totally sympathize.

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Why and how would any reasonable individual trust a government to "protect" them in any way against a virus or any illness, when the very same government allows all kind of lethal toxicities to be spread into the food, water and products people consume, and into the air they breathe, to the point where, as an example, one in four people is said to be destined to have cancer, not to mention a majority being overweight and having many other debilitating chronic conditions?

Seriously? How desperately naive can people be? Would they also expect a mass murderer to look after them?

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So many people have forgotten, or plain refuse to admit the horrors. I for one will never be the same person I was in February 2020.

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Hugs to you, Danielle!! Yes, it was total abuse!!

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I believe March 6, 2020 was the first time Fauci stood at the dais for a press conference with president trump and uttered the term “social distancing”. THAT was when I got my first feeling of dread and doom and awareness that the government was taking its first OVERT step in its authoritarian objective.

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God, yes., from the very beginning, it was SO suspicious. Thank you for mentioning that.

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“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” Eric Arthur Blair a.k.a. G. Orwell.

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No matter how much information circulates in alternative media, it often goes unnoticed by the majority of people who rely on legacy media sources. Even in cases where individuals have suffered the loss of loved ones due to the COVID-19 injection, they sometimes attribute it to reasons like waiting too long to receive the “vaccine,” buying into misleading narratives. I am personally acquainted with a family who wholeheartedly believed this narrative after their 40-year-old son tragically passed away a week following his initial “vaccination.” Additionally, I know someone who has received six booster shots and still insists that those around her wear masks. It truly astounds me how she remains alive.

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Some people are beyond help...they will wear masks forever, even alone in their car with all the windows up. You cannot reason with such pathetic creatures. They probably wear masks while sleeping or while being intimate with their partners.

For many, it is also an ideological, tribal badge of some sort, to show that they are not "Trumpers". They will wear masks as long as Trump is around.

The covid crisis lowered my faith in humanity by a huge margin. I now expect the worst of people. I would have never believed that such a majority of people could be that idiotic and cowardly. I did study history but I thought we (humanity) had made some progress and evolved, even evolved spiritually...we haven't, we are as bad as we ever were, and possibly worse, more spineless than most of our ancestors.

I know this doesn't sound very positive. But it is realist. We have entered a new dark age.

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Looking back we can see that there is going to be another attempt to scare the populace into accepting more totalitarianism. However this time around there will be a lot more people not buying into this virus crap.

What worries me is that any new draconian restrictions will become permanent as well. A new virus scare will probably not be enough to beat people into submission so the powers that be have to find other means of coercion.

This time around the excuses will be fighting climate change (climate lockdowns) and sacrifices for 'freedom and democracy' because of a slowly escalating third world war that is already well underway.

There is hope.

More and more people are waking up, but we nowhere near a critical mass yet. When we do get to that point a window of opportunity opens to change the world for the better.

We'd better make good use of that moment or we could be done as a species.

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Tessa, your posts are always such a balm.

To me, the narrative stank like 1,000 decomposing skunks from the lockdowns. I could go on, but I think Kimber Lapie says it best:


Kimber Lapie Laughs Her Way Through a Recap

Nov 16, 2022



KIMBER LAPIE [laughing throughout]: Remember when this whole sh*t show kicked off and they told us, or the science told us that it came from a Wuhan wet market because somebody ate a bat? And y'all believed that! Y'all believed that even though there was some scientists that came forward and said, you know what, that's not really that likely, I think maybe we should take a look just down the road at the Wuhan biolab where they're currently doing gain-of-function research into corona viruses. And you're like, nah! That's crazy talk. Fauci told you that it was a conspiracy theory and you believed him, and you listened to the mainstream media when they told you it was a conspiracy theory and then you started calling us, anybody that mentioned that we should maybe look at the biolab, you called us conspiracy theorists without any proof, any proof that what we were saying was wrong.

And then, remember, remember when they said two weeks to flatten the curve? And you just stayed home? You just stayed home because they said, they said that if we stay home it'll flatten the curve and we'll all be good to go after two weeks. And you listened, Y'all stayed home.

And then remember when you did come out? Remember? They told you, six feet of social distancing. And guess what? Guess what, you might not know this, but they totally made that number up off the top of their heads! There's no science behind that. But you listened anyways. You listened anyways.

And remember when initially, they were running short on masks, so they told you, and they were actually telling the truth, and so you might want to listen to that, for decades, for decades they have known that masks are ineffective against viral spread. It even says on the box of masks that you bought, they're ineffective against viral spread. But you didn't care. You didn't care, and you got angry if other people didn't wear them, even though you were wearing yours, you didn't care. You didn't care!

And then they told you you could only go one way down the aisle in the grocery store and you totally followed the arrows!

And then they told you, you're gonna, you know the virus can survive on surfaces so when you get home from the grocery store you're going to have to wipe down everything in your grocery bag with Lysol wipes and then you're going to have to wash the bags and disinfect everything before putting it away. And guess what? They were wrong about it too. They were wrong about too! But you listened!

They had you going around with measuring sticks, making sure nobody got within 6 feet of you. Some of you were wearing frigging bags on your heads, hugging people through shower curtains. Oh my God, the lunacy! And you just went along with it based on zero science. But all along you kept saying, we're trusting the science.

Then they rolled out the experimental jibby jabs. Yeah, that was when the science really came into play.

They told you they were experimental. And you didn't even care!

They gave you zero proof of their safety or their efficacy. They just said, they're safe and effective. And you believed them! Without even seeing the science. They didn't release the science, so how could you see it?

And then, and then here was the red flag moment. This is when you should have wised up, is they said, that if you get injured or, you know, disabled, or even if a family member dies, you have no financial recourse against the makers of this experimental shot. That's on you! That was on you! You were OK with that, you took the chance. And you kept calling us selfish for not getting it. That was pretty rich. That was pretty rich.

Remember when all the crafty Karens, got out there, got out their sewing machines and they started whipping up masks, designer masks so you could look extra-special as you virtue signaled. Yeah, that was real, that happened. Some of you are still wearing them.

So, so you went and got your shot because you were following the science. Right?

Which one did you get? Which one? Did you get the one and done? Remember that shot? Just one shot's all you need! And then you're good! You'll be protected! You won't carry it, you won't transmit it. You won't get infected. Remember that? And the people rushed out and they got it, and guess what? Guess what? A couple weeks later they came out with, you know what, we might have been wrong about that one shot, you're going to need two. And you didn't even fu*king care! You didn't care that they were wrong about that. You didn't care because you trust in the science and the science was saying OK well now we're going to need two shots.

So they told you, it's OK. It's OK. We just need you to go out and get your second shot and then you'll be fully vaccinated and you can have your passport. You know, that passport that you called us a conspiracy theory or conspiracy theorist for suggesting earlier? Yeah, that passport. And so if you went out and you got your second shot, you'd get your passport. Guess what, so the people did. And they told you it didn't matter what shot you got with zero, zero research into the mixing of two different shots. But you trusted them anyways and you got that second shot.

Then you found out, guess what, you are not qualified to get your coveted V-pass, you're going to have start over. And you didn't even care! You didn't even care! People didn't care. Or maybe they cared a little bit but the other people, the ones that went for the two shots, the two shots that they told you, once you get these two shots, the virus stops with you. You will not catch it, you will not transmit it, and it's safe and effective. Remember that? So y'all went and you got your two shots and you picked up your vaccine passport so you could go onto places where the unvaxxed weren't allowed.

You never even questioned the fact that, why would there be a need to stay away from somebody that's unvaxxed if you're protected? You never even questioned that. Never even crossed your mind.

So then all these people that are fully vaxxed start hanging out in all these venues where the unvaxxed aren't allowed to go. And guess what happens! Break through cases! Break through cases! And then y'all thought that was an anomaly, y'all thought that that was just an anomaly, and then they told you, the science said to you, you know what, that's on you guys, because you didn't allow your immunity to kick in. So—

Oh, back up, back up, I forgot one, I forgot one. Because they told you, the science told you, if you got your two shots, you would no longer need to wear a mask, you wouldn't need to social distance, you could go visit other vaccinated people, and guess what? Didn't happen! It didn't happen! You still had to wear your fu*king mask! You still, you weren't even mad that they lied about that, or that they were wrong about that. You didn't even care!

So then you had your two shots and outbreaks are happening all over the place amongst the people that were told that they couldn't catch or spread it, so then they flipped the narrative, they're like, well, you know what, we might have been wrong about that. You can catch it, you can spread it, but! But! Your symptoms will be less severe than if you hadn't gotten the shot. And without any science to even back that up, you believed them.

And actually a lot of you, actually, the fact that you'd been told that you'd been immunized, that part totally erased from your memory bank and you just went with the new narrative. Well, we were never told, we were never told we'd be protected, we were just told that it would reduce our symptoms.

So explain me, doing it to protect others mantra then, OK? And explain why you were so upset that other people weren't getting it if the only person that benefitted was you? How was I being selfish for not getting it if you getting it only benefitted you? How? You don't even question it! You don't even question it.

So then, so then you were good, you had your two shots, you were fully v'ed, you can go out with your vaccine passport, knowing that you're safe until, until, guess what? You're going to need boosters! You're going to need boosters!

What shot are you on now? What shot? Is it six or seven? And all along, all along you keep getting sick, you keep spreading it amongst each other and you think that this is all the fault of the unvaccinated?

I got to tell you, I got to tell you, I've been following your science and I don't think it's saying what you think it's saying. I think that this recap was needed. And speaking of caps, speaking of caps [puts on a baseball cap that says "Tin Foil"]. For the record, I wear this one proudly.



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She is excellent! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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That was brilliant!

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I agree! Cheers! She's better than any transcript can show, I hope people can watch her video.

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I had been expecting "medical martial law" since reading the 2009 Corbett Report with that title, when he explained about how laws had been changed around the world so as to let the WHO take over. I had been hoping that it wasn't going to be in my lifetime, so when the lockdowns were announced I was hoping it was going to be another rehearsal like H1N1 (when Neil Ferguson played the same role, and Wodarg explained what was going on, in the European Parliament).

I then decided to regard it as a good thing that I was in the unusual position of being able to bring my children up to speed.

I heard Boris Johnson saying "I'm INSTRUCTING you to stay in your homes ..." and thought "well THAT'S interesting! I thought we lived in a free country: you can ask me, or advise me - but instruct me?! I wonder how many other people feel the same?"

Then I wrote a long email to a friend explaining what was going to happen after it became clear (from his comment on Facebook that my wife saw) that he didn't understand what was happening. I never heard back.

You can read the email, and see what you think of my prognostications here ...


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I give thanks to Almighty G-d that He directed me to read Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi’s remarks on the mRNA “vaccines” that alerted me to their lethality

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March 2020: I join a gym and it shuts down the next day. I approach an overzealous cashier in the check-out line who inadvertently (or not) sprays me with disinfectant. I share joints with homeless people to prove I can live outside the realm of "cause and effect." I whisper on the phone with my like-minded friends inside the closet where my husband, a physician, cannot hear me. I spend hours every day on forest trails, just me and my two dogs. I think about how far we are from the Source to imagine ourselves as skinbags in this global game of cooties. I wonder daily if my marriage will survive.

March 2021: My husband files for divorce.

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Wow, Lisa!

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I did nothing.

I belived nothing.

I will belive nothing.

I will do nothing.

It was obvious.

It is obvious.

There are people who want to be told what to do.

There are people who don't want to be told what to do.

Plant your feet and tell them not an inch.

Be a jack ass, it's fun.

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I like your definition of a jackass. :)

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My problem on March 13th was that sans all the ridiculous fear, I welcomed the respite from reality. I did not agree with the premise of it, but I could spend two weeks for people to come to their senses, no problem. I should have said "no bueno" then. When was. the last time government came to their senses?

My thoughts were...well they were many.

First I thought we would never succumb to fear to begin with. About a month before I was warned by a friend from China that the panic was coming. I disagreed. I thought that cooler heads would prevail. I still had this vision of institutions and buildings had people in them that were no nonsense, cut the BS and drama and "get real" types of people. Apparently they either aged out or were relegated to some remote location for the duration.

Second to that, I thought that for the fifteen days to stop the spread, they would realize that such a thing would not work, and besides you can't stop something that had already been here for months. See we knew Covid was already here and circulating, because viruses don't just not exist before we discover them.

I went to buy toilet paper on the night before and here it was...Krogers was lit up with panic. It was like a snowstorm had been announced and in the south that is something of a novelty so many rush to the stores to buy out all the milk and bread, because we apparently like to make French Toast or something like it during a crisis.

In. this case, it was toilet paper. I watched in wonder as there were crowds of people gathering in a shopping center to prep for a disease that transmits through the air. I was there too. The shelves were bare of toilet paper. Because well, if you are caught in pandemic and you have some explosive form of poopation, the last thing you want to be is without wiping material.

I traveled a half mile down the road to a CVS and bought a four pack of toilet paper.

Maybe we should have perched out front of Krogers with posters that said "The virus has been here for months...act accordingly."

But if you remember that time like I do...it was like screaming into a hurricane. That's what I called it. Scream all you want, there is a 24/7 propaganda campaign to scare the public into compliance and point and show you graphs and deliver you mantras. How can you compete with that?

Well, you just do.

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Jim, thank you so much for your comment. It brings the time back perfectly. And yes, just like you said, a lot of people in some way enjoyed the thrill, it's like when an emergency happens at school when you are a kid, as long as you are yourself fine, there is a strange thrill to everything being interrupted, things looking like an adventure, etc. And that, I believe, is a big factor in the overall campaign to mesmerize so many people all at once. Some, like you and I, refused to stay mesmerized by it. Many went for it, and woke up later or are slowly waking up. Some are still on their way to even considering waking up. To my senses, philosophically, it is ultimately about awakening, and it is always better when it happens kindly but some people take their time (has nothing to do with smarts, I think most of us need to wake up to SOMETHING still, maybe all of us. I wake up to different things I had not thought about previously all the time. Maybe not in the area of COVID so much but still.)

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Sometimes for some people there is lasting change of mindset, but the majority forget very quickly unless they are still inconvenienced. Remember how everyone came together after 9/11? And just like that, that oneness, that cohesiveness, that purpose was gone! Same thing happening here. People have moved on, embracing what they want to consider normal and forget all heinous things

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