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How strange is it that the Coroner's response was all about evading responsibility for Covid vaccine safety and yet Kathleen's letter didn't mention Covid vaccine safety even once.

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I'm a former Canadian from the Maritimes. If you read the Halifax news, they want, and the people want, the deaths to be from Covid. My opinion as an outsider now, my last visit being a couple of years before covid, was the people were already beat down and depressed in the maritimes.

Covid and covid restrictions being embraced there didn't surprise me. The people needed something to explain and blame the poor economy and crushing, cruel, life. All of these deaths, regardless of the true cause, have to be Covid because it gives the people the enemy they need to justify being beat down further.

This isn't trashing my former home province. It's really sad what happened there. Even if I could visit there again (no vaxx) I probably wouldn't.

These were all just random thoughts.

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So they have a mandate to investigate unexpected deaths, but not if those deaths were by vax? How do you know unless you look?

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The number of deaths attributed to Covid is up in Nova Scotia since the arrival of 'Omicron' variant. More people are going to die this year than in the last two years. This is with 93% of the population having been vaccinated. Perhaps this is because everyone caught the variant, despite the vaccines and other measures.

Our chief medical officer, Dr. Strang, continues to lie to the public about the effectiveness of masks, vaccines and social distancing measures. I wouldn't be surprised if the provincial statistics were deliberately tampered with. No one has an explanation as to why Nova Scotia was spared the worst of the pandemic. (Note that 60 deaths occurred in a single long term care facility in Halifax). The majority of Nova Scotians see him as a hero.

As I write this, I see no admission of wrongdoing and zero chance of accountability for what has taken place. The rise in mortality from people <65 may rightly be attributed to the disruption to our provincially administered health care system. Cancer screenings and elective surgeries were cancelled as priorities were shifted to the pandemic.

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I don’t know if this is coincidence or design? Hiding vaccine deaths, just like attributing deaths to Covid is easy to do, just blame it on something else or hide the numbers by fudging the stats. A practice we see now is to just not release the data for fear it will be used for “misinformation” (my new most hated word along with expert). Furthermore, vaccine injuries and deaths can present in a plethora of ways so drawing a direct cause / effect type of relationship will be seen as tenuous reasoning - again, easy to dismiss or downplay. I expect there will be an uptick in all cause mortality right across the globe but it will be explained away as something else by recruiting the MSM to saturation bomb the public with an alternative explanation. Great news for Pfizer et al. As well ... “An increase in heart attacks! Oh goodie... we have a pill for that!”

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wow, Kathleen is a force! i didn't succeed in convincing my elderly mother against jabs and continue to navigate the challenges of my large group of siblings who are all for them. she is so blessed to have support from at least half her family. really so done with being part of this experimentation on my dear mother's health as if she is a lab rat.

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Thank You, Kathleen.

The life insurance companies are wondering, too, but have been told to keep quiet about it.

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I have started to keep track of these sudden deaths in Nova Scotia again. One thing I have noticed is that they are not saying sudden, untimely or unexpected. They are saying just died at home no matter what their age. Nova Scotia in 2021 had an increase of deaths from 2020 which was up by 10 percent which was over 1000 people. The data for 2021 was never exposed until December 2022. Nova Scotia is very delayed in releasing their data.

My mother in her Nursing home is alive and well even though she is not jabbed. Since the roll out of the jab her home has had a complete change in clients. In August of 2021 her home had 15 empty beds. They could not fill the beds fast enough when they became available due to the death of the residence. The odd person might had moved back with their family. This past week I was informed that their was a break out in her home. My 94 year old Mother was a little more tired and had a slight cough. Due to the fact she was not jabbed they tested her with that pcr test that is potentially inaccurate. They said she was positive. I spoke with her through video call and she had no cough and said she felt well. I ordered vitamin C for her and told them at 94 God has looked her well.

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I thought this was a very important interview, thank you for doing it. I'm sure I'm not the only reader who would be interested in an update.

PS If this is something you can make use of:

"In this episode of the "Make Language Great Again" podcast, I talk to Kathleen Brown, a retired dental hygienist in Nova Scotia, Canada. Kathleen is looking into obituaries of people under 65 who died suddenly or unexpectedly in Nova Scotia, Canada."

March 23, 2022


TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: See the related article (and comments section):

"Honoring Those Who Died Suddenly: A Conversation with Kathleen Brown

One Canadian citizen's quest for justice"

by Tessa Lena, March 25, 2022




TESSA LENA: Her mission is collecting information and trying to do something about

sudden and unusual number of deaths in Nova Scotia following the vaccination campaign. And the reason I want to do this interview is, well, as you know I don't usually like to talk about dark stuff in my writing and my work and focus on things that are guiding us towards love and light and helping us to deal with all this mess that we are in, but it is extremely important to honor the dead. And it is extremely important to honor people who are wronged and to expose what has happened and figure it out. And I think so many people have been harmed in the past two years and that's just, that's wrong, that's injustice. And I think that in order to proceed to a better life we have to honor the dead, we have to honor the people who have been harmed. And we owe it to them and it is of spiritual significance. And this is the reason why I personally am doing this interview and I want to feature Kathleen for being a wonderful human being. And again, her mission is extremely important.

So I know, Kathleen, that you in the past you worked as a dental hygienist and had an education in health education. That's your degree.

KATHLEEN BROWN: That's right.

TESSA LENA: So you have a background in immunology. And so you're not a stranger to the whole world of healthcare at all.


TESSA LENA: So do you want to tell your story, just start with that?

KATHLEEN BROWN: OK, yes. And yes I've worked as a dental hygienist since 1986. I actually worked with my husband in our own private practice until 2019. And we've just taken time off. I'm still licensed as a dental hygienist, but we've taken time off since then. And I do have a science degree in health education, and in that degree I've taken courses on immunology. And so I'm not a stranger when it come to that kind of stuff.

So anyway, how I got involved into, because right now I'm tracking the people who have died in Nova Scotia. And how it all started, it started basically with my mother, who lives in a nursing home. And I am power-of-attorney, that's POA, of my mother. I actually have, it's an important feature, part of this, I have 11 brothers and sisters, and I'm number 6 out of that 11, OK? So over the years I've actually kind of looked after my parents and I just stepped up to the platter, OK? It was just one of those things. My parents, my father has passed, and my mother, when the year my father passed in 2014 my mother went into the nursing home. So she was in the nursing home and anyway she has dementia, she has some physical disabilities, but even though she has some dementia she still knows who we are, OK? And she laughs all the time. So anyway I was, I've been POA for 8 years and every year they call me and ask me if my mother's going to get a flu vaccination, and I say no. OK? So every year I've done that for whatever. Nobody in my family has ever asked me if my mother's getting a flu vaccination. The reason why she doesn't get a flu vaccination is she never believed in it. OK? She was a person who always believed in natural health. OK? She didn't drink alcohol. She barely had any medications that she took herself. She was a person who talked about not watching TV and destroying your mind. So when I'm growing up in the 70s, she's telling us that the TV will destroy your mind. OK? She was a person who didn't take thalidomide.* She was offered thalidomide for her pregnancy, for morning sickness and she said no. OK? And thank goodness that she didn't do that. She was a person who would tell you not to be in front of the TV. So in the end she knew things. She knew things like, don't wear sunscreens, too many chemicals. And so this information— MSG, that was another thing, she would talk about that. So in the end I knew what she wanted. No, no injections. She wants natural immunity and that's it. So in 20— last year, March of 2021 I actually had family members who contacted me and said, now our mother is going to get the injection for covid, and right away I said, no, she's not getting the injection. And then of course there was a big alarming thing. So the next thing I know I have to then get people in our family, so I have to go to every person and tell them why I'm not injecting her and whether they agree. I've had to, basically in the end I had to make the decision that we're not going to do this.

But then once they continued to push on me, I said no, I have to have evidence. And so then I started to go back and look at all the obituaries from 2019. And I actually started with counting, just counting the obituaries. And from 2019 until basically 2020 it seemed to be, ah, 2021, it seemed to be normal. OK? But then once the rollout of the vaccine started, the counts of the obituaries went up. And each month it was going up more and more. So I noticed that there was an increase by at least two-fold. OK?

So then I realized, I need to make this so that you can't just do numbers, OK? People have to, you have to have faces. So then in May of 2021 I actually started looking at the obituaries and then actually taking screenshots of people who were below the age of 65. I knew anybody above the age of 65, it would not be good. So I started looking at below the age of 65 and I started taking screenshots.

And then the next thing I know I started making a list. I started making a list, and what I would include is their name, their age, whether it said they suddenly, untimely, or unexpectedly die, or after a brief illness. And they had to have that parameter in the obituary. The other thing it had to have is, I went to see where to donate to. And a lot of things, people, you know, donate in sympathy of, and a lot of them would say donate to, you know, donate to the Heart and Stroke.** OK? So you knew right away that, why this person died, basically, was probably from a stroke. But people who are 44 years of age, 31 years of age, I mean, right now the average is 50. I have over 200 people on my list, all from Nova Scotia, and the average age is 50. OK? That is unbelievable. But what is unbelievable, or which is really interesting is the very first person I have listed. And in my listing this person was 64 years of age and it actually says in her obituary, that after having coffee with her husband, she, my mother, I won't say her name, my mother went to put lipstick on to go to work and she died suddenly. That is the last time or the only time that my mother left the house without her lipstick on. And when I seen that obituary I was like, wow. OK? There is something really wrong here. OK?

And so then what I started to do is I kept track of it, started to make a list. And then I decided I needed to write to the government. So in Nova Scotia we have our Premier. OK? And we have our Health Minister who's been putting these mandates on. And so I started to write to the government, and I was using information from Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone.*** I was researching all this information and I was quoting from their papers that they're doing, their research that they're doing, and anyway I started doing that. And in the end I basically didn't get response back from the government other than that they got my email.

... continued...

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Great article, thank you!

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Tessa, know this. We are remarkably BAD at determining cause of death. COVID has only made it worse, because when death is blamed on COVID, the claim is seldom challenged.

When someone dies, they are gone. There is little incentive to find the cause(s). Most deaths are due to multiple causes.

But sudden death? Sudden deaths have important causes. There's just one problem.

Important causes are generally POLITICAL. Identifying an important cause of sudden deaths is a "political exercise" from start to finish. Anyone who speculates a cause immediately encounters political and social resistance, dismissal, and possibly worse. Even proving "unnatural death" is a political challenge.

There is often another avenue - but it's still political, maybe even more so:

When something is causing a lot is strange deaths, not everyone dies. It is usually also causing lots of "non-death" diseases. If it's a new cause - they will be new diseases - difficult to diagnose because they don't exist. This might be an avenue worth pursuing. If the patient is alive, it may be easier to prove the cause - but I know, you are not a medical investigator. Nor am I...Thanks for taking time to report on this.

I am only slightly aware of this particular issue, but I suspect there are a few people who know a lot - but say little.

To your health, Tracy (from Canada)

Author: A New Theory of Cure

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What if all this sickness from a "virus" is actually sickness from EMF's?

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I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I hope you are taking lot's of Vit C, D3, Quecetin and some Zinc. I had the Omicron version back in January and got over it quickly taking these plus Elderberry. They can all help you fight the common cold as well.

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Please help by signing, thank you

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