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It has been quite some years since I talked with the very few that I believe were truly gifted. So I have no idea where their heads might be these days. All those in my quite small circles today are either surrounded and overwhelmed by the MSM construct or riveted to it by choice. Some simply belong there. Like small pupoies, they genuinely need the warmth in the center of the pile. I get that. Some are overtaken by overload. I get that. But then there are a few who i am certain could see the disease of dishonesty if they chose to, and they simply do not. From some of the comments made to your writings, I see that there are others like me for whom your columns are spring water, pure enough for tears. Know that you are valued.

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The Big City intellectuals live in a bubble that floats in a vacuum. The country is much bigger than NY & LA, and they don’t know this. They THINK they have the machine sealed up, but don’t realize it’s the farmer and the small town merchant that make the wheels turn. What they need is a day on the farm shoveling donkey shit for soup as their pay, and after the bourgeoisie realize they’ve been wrong, when eating crow it’s important to know what is on your plate BEFORE it was cooked.

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"grow some balls, the machine will eat you too, stop trump escaping"

yes, fed up to my eyeballs just like you are Tessa.

"the machine is disgusting. Wake up".

I'm awake because of people like you dear Tessa.

We hold the line. We speak out and try to make a difference. We get called names. We keep going.

It's all that we can do.

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This aged well. The cowardice of the so-called intellectuals, particularly within academia, has been absolutely repellant over the last several years. It's been gathering steam for some time; covidianism only brought it into sharp relief. We now seem to be at the point where they clap like trained seals for the Current Thing, and have lost all capacity to use either reason or morality to evaluate the beliefs that are inserted into their minds by the corporate control architecture.

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I'm not so gifted but I am fortunate enough to have been sickened by the obvious shift in information dissemination. When every subject is tainted by self serving BS ... whether health, finance, technology, science, politics ... left is right, right is left. Paul Cudenec's vision of Anarchy becomes very attractive.

Tessa, your openness is so inspirational. I tend to only trust people who encourage Critical Thinking now although it will probably happen that even that will be subverted too!

Keep doing what you do. There is so little time left. Clarity of mind is going to be the biggest asset for people as the horrors arrive more regularly.

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Fabulous job! I expressed similar feelings toward someone who called me a pusher of fake news per the vaccine when I shared 18 reasons many people won't take it.... uh... someone had wondered on her facebook why some people don't want to take it... so I shared the well written article. The politically entrenched have gone mad.

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I've been sharing your excellent piece that echos remarkably with the sentiments I have been expressing to my (once upon a time radical) elder brother in New Zealand. Hope you don't object to me prefacing it with these slightly modified excerpts!

"We are in a free fall of all-encompassing corruption that has permeated all areas of social function, including politics, media, and even science. We are a complacent empire in deep trouble, and our (carefully cultivated) fear of genuine, unbranded dissent makes us complicit... (with)...our state-aligned media (that) has outperformed Pravda at absurdity and lack of coherence ...outrageously so when it comes to the pandemic...

...We have gotten too complacent, too zealous, too anxiously dependent on being in sync with (the corporate state) echo chamber—the latter being shamelessly manipulated by moneyed interests. What happened to free-form thinking beyond a google search (for) a conformist New York Times editorial?

...if you are not seeing major flaws in the 'left' establishment narrative about so many important aspects of our lives (from our abysmal foreign policy to Russiagate to this current plague), you are enabling a soul-eating monster...

...The villains are eating our brains and using our pride (or more aptly, our sociopolitical biases and our fears) to make us act against our interests and the interests of the future generations...

...for fuck’s sake, grow some balls and develop some critical thinking. (earn) a badge of honor that comes with an existential obligation to be original and to dig deeper than the New York Times.

No matter how enthusiastically you kiss the wrinkled buttocks of the machine, it will still eat you! It may promise to spare you and eat your political opponents instead but it will break the promise and eat you, too.

...stop smugly calling hypotheses that make you uncomfortable “conspiracy theories” without doing in-depth research, which means looking at the data from different sides of the debate. It’s okay to be agnostic. It is okay to change your mind back and forth as you look at new information. It is okay to reject hypotheses based on a thorough investigation—but it is not okay to go, “I know that they are wrong because it’s obvious to any educated person.” That logic is the lazy logic that I remember from my Soviet childhood. It is the logic that went down in flames when the empire fell, and the dissidents were proven sane.

A classic example of a falsely labeled conspiracy theory that triggers mandatory eye rolls (from the proud intellectuals, and then back from me—because I happen to have studied the topic) is the 5G discussion. Does the fact that the New York Times keeps pushing out articles about its safety make it so? Well, no. The New York Times has important business partners (like Verizon) and important investors (like Carlos Slim). Have the benefits of smoking for pregnant women, DuPont’s Teflon, Monsanto’s RoundUp, Merck’s Vioxx, nuclear testing performed on treaty land without informed consent, and the famous case of “DDT is good for meeeeee” (more graphic DDT campaigns here and here) taught us nothing? Don’t we know by now that the industry interests have mastered the art of propaganda to perfection? In this case, they have made sure that mentioning this topic at a respectable gathering makes you look like a fool. But there has been in-depth civilian research into negative health impacts of electromagnetic radiation since at least 1980s.

Today, there are hundreds if not thousands of legitimate scientists ringing an alarm about potentially disastrous health effects of 5G and calling for in-depth independent safety studies before considering a real-life implementation of the technology—for the sake of our species’ survival—and a tremendous lobbying effort on behalf of the telecom industry to ignore the uncomfortable science and to go right ahead. And while the telecom is mostly interested in money, the push for 5G is also a major area of geopolitical competition (namely, between the U.S. and China). The military folk are terrified of losing that race, and if we know anything about the inner mechanics of modern empires, when the military folk want something, civilian health concerns take a hit. But the New York Times says 5G is safe, whoopeeee.

..but the intellectuals? What happened to the curiosity? (What happened to intellectual integrity and honesty?) What happened to the parental instincts? Has the machine eaten into you so badly that you no longer can process new information or expose yourself to potentially disturbing narratives even if your choices can potentially impact your children? Please."

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Yes. It is ok for scientists to be scared, but there is no reason to be a coward.

”Most people say that it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it is character.”

/Albert Einstein

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This is so spot on. Even reading it now, quite a while after you had initially posted it, I so resonate with your message. You've "been there, done that."....and I (and many of us) are experiencing it now. It's nice(?) to have company, feeling like the crazy one in my own home when no one else seems to be picking up the deceit. Someday? Hopefully. It's aggravating. I feel less alone reading your takes on things.

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"Wake Up"...... someone a long time ago said similiar words......Lazarus was in the tomb for 4 days.....dead.......really dead......suddenly he heard "the call"...... he came forth from the tomb.....we are in a similiar tomb......a complete absence of love on the part of the ruling class is the stone in front of the tomb.......in order to come forth from the tomb we have to respond to "the call".....it is not loud......but very soft and gentle.......this is our power and it will work......so.....go forth and not only wake up, but "stand up" for Peace which the world that we live in does not recognize. Peace.

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I came to this from your comment on Joel's post. I see things very similarly too. I am copying my comment on Joel's post here too, as I think it also gels with what are seeing... Synchronously, I was just writing about my concept of "Anti-Knowledge" - I think it applies in buckets here, and may have explanatory power of what you are describing, so copying my fb post: "ANTI-KNOWLEDGE

This is when scientists come up with conclusions which are not just in error, but also are 100% diametrically opposite to the truth, yet the dogma and indoctrination is so enshrined, that it is impossible to provide any amount of evidence which will change minds of those captured by anti-knowledge. This is why, indeed, science advances one funeral at a time.

I first encountered this concept while an academic scientist myself, first in my own field, then I started to see it everywhere. One could take just about any field and start questing the assumptions, and the whole thing would unravel. I then saw it in the real world in a major industry which was operating on total anti-knowledge, thus demonstrably highly inefficient, and unsafe (costing lives), but no-one would listen, and I think not being herd about this was part of my descent into disease. Like Semmelweiz went mad, trying to convince doctors of the time that washing their hands would save lives.

We have seen it again in overdrive over the past couple of years.

Perhaps the simplest way to describe anti-knowledge is: when a theory doesn't match, explain or predict the real world observations, the real life world is taken as being wrong, and the theory is upheld!!!

Here is another example, Allan Savory's real world results demonstrate the very thing the powers that be seem to blaming a lot of climate change on - livestock - is actually the very thing we need for health of the planet, properly managed. Shutting down the farms and putting limits on livestock has the potential for catastrophy! Well worth a watch, for this specific case, and as an illustrative example of anti-knowledge. https://www.ted.com/talks/allan_savory_how_to_fight_desertification_and_reverse_climate_change

Also worth checking out Steve Patterson's "Our Present Dark Age" article [Bret Weinstein did a interview with him recently, and that is another fine conversation covering the topics your raise].

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The world needs more people who think like you!

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Thanks for the repost, this is great

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Great article Tessa. Hope all is well.

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Tessa I loved your comment "When you are on your death bed, it’s not the number of your publications or retweets that will matter but your loyalty to truth and your impact on your children." I have always believed that the example we set by way of our thoughts, our words, our choices and our actions are so important. Setting a good example is a powerful motivator. Thank you for another great essay.

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ahh the sweet sound of truth 🥂

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