Thank you, Tessa. I made a rough transcript as I realised this was a very important interview. I am 100% with you about this entire situation being about our healing, growth and awakening, forcing us to confront ourselves and things we normally wouldn't. We do have the power to stop this internally and spiritually. I believe those internal forces express themselves in our actions which will ultimately succeed. Paddling into love...

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Ugo Bardi's "Age of Exterminations'' series gives useful perspective on how societies have exterminated members, or classes within a society, for the profit of others, or sometimes because there was not enough food from a bad crop year.

Let me start with the base case of human society killing some members of an extended family/clan as "witches" when heavy rains or drought have drastically reduced the supply of food. In the area of Tanzania studied, fed by rain-supplied agriculture, there are twice as many witch-killings in years of excessive rainfall, when crops are damaged, as in years of normal rainfall. The victims are typically elderly women, killed by family-members.

Poverty and Witch Killing, Edward Miguel, U. Cal. Berkeley, 2005


I would take the above as mostly a case of famine killing poor people. Western witch killings in Europe and North America did come in hard times, bad winters, the Little Ice Age, but also befell those with some property, and little protection. there was profit to be made.

Killing an elderly great-aunt, when everybody is hungry, seems like a variation on the theme of people starving to death in famine.

The Age of Exterminations VI: "The Great Famine To Come", looks at the Irish Potato Famine as a historical example.

The Irish people were subsisting on potatoes, brought from the new world, and much of the land was owned by others, who produced grain and livestock for export and to feed the troops of the British Empire.

The Irish peasant farmers had been saddled with all of the risk, and they died when potato blight destroyed their food.

The crown was "reluctant" to interfere in the economic markets...

The Irish peasants had "owned nothing and were happy", until they had no food, having unknowingly assumed all of the economic risk of the system by having no other recourse but to eat potatoes they grew, or to die.

The lesson here is that having no options, which is to be poor, and not to "own the means of food production" makes one a ready target for extermination through widespread famine. Universal Basic Income would be a chute into this outcome, as would any form of government handout that became an only-means-of-eating.

So, to kill large numbers of poor people, cut off the food supply. It can look like anything made it happen. It happens periodically.

Professor Bardi looks at The Limits To Growth graphs and the revision to that. We can expect industrialized food production and delivery to have major problems as industrial economy contracts. (Mr. Gates seems to be well invested in farmland.)

One might find ways to assure one's food, water and fuel through a hard spell, but one would not be able to do so in a social vacuum.

Consider helping feed your community, or being a member of a community that largely feeds itself, if that is possible.


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I served in the Indian Health Service, on the Navajo Reservation in Chinle, Az, for my first 2 years after residency because my grandmother explained to me (while I watched a western and asked) that the cowboys stole the Indian's land. "So the cowboys were really the bad guys" I grokked...

We have entered "The age of Exterminations". Be very thoughtful and careful.



​ "Original Antigenic Sin" is an off-putting term for a really critical immunologic mechanism, which is well explained and documented here. I'd like to call it something less prone to cause people's minds to immediately shut off, something like "Immunological Imprinting"​. (Hats off to Konrad Lorenz.)

Oh, look, that's what this article in Nature calls it; just what I thought of. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-021-23977-1

Here is the article that Marjorie sent me, explaining that the human adaptive immune system creates an antibody response to the first variant of a viral family that it gets infected by. Flu is an example, and coronavirus is a family that keeps mutating and adapting as time goes by, like influenza.

The memory B cells that are ready to make those antibodies go on vacation until the virus comes back, then pounce into action with the response they know so well. They do that in a couple of days, well before novice immune cells can mount a new response, more specific to this mutated variant.

That usually works OK, but not always, and sometimes it can be worse than nothing if the new virus has mutated to exploit that fixed antibody response.

That is called "ADE", antibody dependent enhancement of viral pathogenicity, and it is one of the banes of vaccine makers. It usually only happens when the vaccine is the first exposure of a naive immune system to a viral family. It happened with a Rotavirus vaccine in the US, and recently with a Dengue vaccine in the tropics. That Dengue vaccine killed a lot of kids when they caught a different strain of Dengue from what they had been vaccinated against. It inhibited one Dengue virus, but enhanced the new improved version.

It is already apparent how that is working with coronaviruses in general and with COVID vaccines against the January 2020 spike protein in particular. People who have had other coronaviruses in the past mount that response again, early, and it is not specific to SARS-CoV-2, but it is usually good enough to keep the viral load down from the outset and prevent more than mild illness.

Those same people who had prior coronavirus infection do not make as many specific antibodies to the 2020 spike protein when they get vaccinated, because they mainly trigger the prior learned response.

People who get the January 2020 spike protein as an imprint are already making antibodies known to enhance certain infectious actions of the Delta variant, helping it to enter human cells more rapidly.

They do not make any antibodies to the other 84% of a coronavirus, and they might never be any good at doing that for the rest of their lives.

Any children who have not already caught a coronavirus, who are vaccinated with current products, may be impaired from ever mounting an adequate immune response to any future coronavirus...

That is precisely a very bad thing to do to each of those children, and to the human herd.


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Tessa, I am constantly amazed at some of the people and ideas you find.. this is great.

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How Debt Conquered America, Jada Thacker


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Thank you for introducing me to Steven Newcomb, and I look forward to listening to your interviews with him!

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Jeeminy Christmas...it shouldn't be this difficult. I do not understand why Steven Newcomb, whose brilliant work on "Doctrine of Discovery" I am otherwise familiar with, should be hemming and hawing with you about the issue of genetic memory, in your case, regarding Mongol invasion, basically attributing all of that to "image" and vague "thought." Really? One would think that the descendant of Lenape/Shawnee would already be able to articulate this, on a moment's notice. I don't get it. Why isn't he addressing this, straightforwardly, with you? WTF

I have experienced the effect of giving a truly heartfelt apology to someone whose ancestors had suffered at the hands of ancestors of mine, whether directly or as part of a wider group. It DOES make a difference. It absolutely does. I have seen this in action.

Pretending that genetic trauma doesn't exist is just stupid.

Pretending that genetic ANYTHING doesn't exist, as to the availability of direct memory of such, is just ridiculous. I have tested out the theory. I have FELT genetic memory. WTF

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If you think dominating and inflicting unnecessary suffering and death on others is wrong, then you have no moral choice other than this:


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