Two years ago we had an unprecedented weather event in Santa Cruz, CA. One clear night there were fierce winds and thunder, with what seemed to be heat lightning over the ocean--something that doesn't happen here. People went down to the beach to watch in the middle of the night. I remember the winds, which were eerie, and thinking 'Something wicked this way comes.'

It was a completely unnatural weather event for us, since the ocean neutralizes the static electricity that causes heat lightning. And that night was the start of the 2020 fires called the CZU Lightning Complex that burned 86,500 acres because they started in so many places with lightning strikes at once. WE NEVER HAVE LIGHTNING. Everyone evacuated the mountains, and some stood up to the calls to evacuate as a community, and used farm equipment to dig fire breaks and saved their homes. Many people lost homes.

At the time I thought, there's some meaning here to the strange way it came about. But it never occurred to me it could have been an experiment gone awry until now. Thank you for that.

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Having seen the skies of England the past few years, especially this year, especially lately, covered in stripes, I can only say this is all so much bigger than we realize. As I said on my previous comment, this is an attack not just on humanity but on all life itself. Seeing Nikki's presentation here provides all the proof one needs of geoengineering, which as you so succinctly put, is both dismissed as a conspiracy theory and yet accepted as a reality at the same time. This convolution of language and meaning is at the heart of the deception and the absurdist woke agenda. Your article not only proved the point in this radical upending of suspicion, but it gave me chills of the deeply upsetting kind.

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Tessa, great posting - article - interview to shine a light on geoengineering - climate change and control. Helps wake people up from a strictly Covid focused viewpoint.

Cheers, stay safe

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This read is as good as 911 in five minutes by James Corbett seen at banned video-

"They cannot do that..." cry oft heard from the norm is crumbling inaudible

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My lamas were able to change the weather in a soft, gentle way. With prayers and the power of the mind. I saw it happening. Once, in Tibet, it has been particularly impressive. My lama was sitting in deep meditation an a small hill and the black clouds were coming from the 4 directions, like a big cross in the sky. Then they gathered on top of him, and a gentle rain came to bless the dry soil. But it was done out of love. Asking devoutly to the elements for help. It's the difference between a kiss between lovers or a brutal rape.

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If the global elite were truly interested in combating climate change, why are they not planting trees? Here's one of many articles on the subject, below. Planting a trillion trees is a completely green, effective method of reversing climate change, one that gives people healthful outdoor jobs, that beautifies the earth, that has no side effects. Of course, no uber-rich person increases their portfolio and no scientist wins a Nobel Prize. But truly, the world's billionaires looked at trees and thought, nah, we don't like that. Give us something that f*s up all our flora and fauna instead. https://www.livescience.com/65880-planting-trees-fights-climate-change.html

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Hi Tessa. Love your stuff, and forgive me if you’ve spoken about this before, but what’s your take on nuclear? I used to think it was a good option however now I’m just too concerned our benevolent overlords will weaponize it.

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I do soil tests as part of my work in helping farmers go organic/regenerative and I can attest to unnatural levels of free form (not bonded) aluminum, barium and strontium nano-particles being present in the soil in Ontario. These materials line up with the geoengineering (stratospheric aerosol injection/"solar management") patents.

I can also confirm what Dane Wigington (of Geoengineering Watch) has been saying about how after the planes do heavy spraying the energy intake of solar panels drops drastically. We get about 40% less energy from the sun in our solar panels on the days when they lay down a heavy grid pattern with their spraying operations.

I know that large corporations have been developing aluminum resistant GMO seeds (for profiteering/further food system control) but I wonder if by saving seed from the most resilient plants in my garden for over a decade now I have been developing aluminum resistant seeds via aligning my efforts with nature’s mechanisms of gradual “genetic modification”/adaptation (of the natural kind, being initiated due to the environmental pressure being exerted on the plants in the form of aluminum and other types of nano-metal particles being dumped in large amounts from planes in our area and my heirloom crops being forced to adapt)?

It certainly seems plausible to me.

Though I doubt our human biology is capable of adapting as quickly within the span of a single generation, thus knowing these materials are present in the water, air, soil (and likely in the food I eat) I take steps to eat foods and medicine plants/fungi that help with chelation.

Thanks for the excellent post Tessa. Much love and respect from Canada.

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Tessa off topic, sorry, i can't remember which post it was where you interviewed the fellow artist who was writing a book about the families of Klaus Schwab et al... Any updates on that? I would love the actual book on paper when it comes out. Need to get off this screen now and go look at the sky .....

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I’ve watched beautiful storms strayed and pulsed away.

Leaving it dry and horrible.

Germany I noticed was horrific in spray in 2014. Zero snow in December in the alps.

Warm in Munich.

N Italy. Same. Too warm. Horrific spray.

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As I left New York City (for good) in an overpriced Lyft to Penn Station this month I noticed 5 separate contrails all spaced evenly and running more parallel than I have noted before. Seemed like some sort of operation.

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I started noticing the spray in mid 2000 I believe.

My dad was a Captain for a major airplane. Flew in WW2 so watching jets was a pleasant habit.

I saw contrails, they disappeared immediately.

But than I started seeing low streaks in the sky. Not normal.

Oh that’s just frozen condensation…

That was the first, oh BS. Jet engines have changed dramatically , to the point, contrails were rare.

On a particularly bad day I pointed to them to my dad.

I asked him if they were contrails, he said no. They disappear quickly.

What are they dad?

I don’t know hon, but they’re not contrails.

He retired in ‘84. So he didn’t know.

I don’t care how many lame excuses the so called experts come up with.

They are lying.

I believe my dad.

They lied about almost everything we have trusted them with.





Malcom X





All these agencies have an agenda, and it’s not for the populace, although we pay for it.


Time to eradicate all this corruption. Period.

We are at an us or them.

We are in 2022. We did better in the 80’s.

Shortages are manufactured

All this evil is manufactured, with the end game of the populace 500K and enslaved.

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The hubris! We are going to “manage the earth”?

There are horror disaster movies with plots like this...

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Hi Tessa and Nikki,

For what it's worth, my 2000 character Rumble limit comment ... 1:33:00 ... Can forgive Florio for a slip in confusing dollars with years, but not the sociopaths heading the corporate nation-state.

1:40:00 ... just realized that when comparing humans with a conscience and robot dogs, that excludes the sociopaths, and at 1:45:00, the line up.

Didn't know that Phizer is Monsanto. 'Really Graceful's YouTube might have said something about this.

1:48:00 ... 'a mosquito carrying a virus' sounds all too easy.

1:53:00 ... the Simpson's episode — as good an argument for our collective self-destructive tendency as any. Another good argument can be found in the first 3 paragraphs of Chomsky's 2010 Chapel Hill Speech 'Human Intelligence and the Environment' .... https://chomsky.info/20100930/.

2:03:00 ... Addiction to social media? Yep. I live in Japan. The commuter trains are still packed as tight as sardines, everyone masked and silent, glued to their smart phones ... all without even a mandate, much less a law. Nudging through a culture valuing compliance, and mass media propaganda has been perfected to a fine art.

2:08:00 ... Yes. Greta was groomed. I've been teaching, coaching, and judging All Japan English speech contests for decades. There is no way someone can be so precociously passionate and polished.

2:14:00 ... (sigh) Stopping 5G in Japan, like so many other things, is impossible. This is a culture in which one is free to do only what one is permitted. The equivalence of 'manufacturing consent' is 'Invented Traditions of Modern Japan' (edited by Stephen Vlastos).

2:19:00 ... Schools are no longer places of education. 40 years working in academia in Japan (resigned in protest from a 'tenured' Associate Prof. position), now semi-retired working the public schools ... 'institutional education' is an oxymoron. People might become educated despite schools, not because of them.

Wow. Florio! A great handle on the 'why of the who'. (Recommend) Lobaczewski's book about Political Ponerology or Dr. Ramani Durvasula's YouTubes.


Thanks you both for a great presentation. I was an undergrad bio-lab director (for non-science majors) at Temple University Japan for 18 years, and there was so much new information in this, that will have to refer back to it several times.

But I was pleasantly surprised at Nikki's understanding of 'dark-triad' psychology in response to Tessa's question. JMHO, but nailed 'em ... and they may be the death of our species yet.

Though hard to say this with a smile, cheers from Japan.

— steve

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Watch the documentary “The Dimming”

By Geoengineeringwatch.org Dane Wigington

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I'm just reading this again, 6 months later, and it's still disturbing. Why wouldn't it be? Like you, I feel immense grief and mourning of our natural world under attack by power-mad psychopaths. Some deep despair we must go through collectively in our waking up... Maybe the rain we see is tears from heaven...

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