One sometimes thinks that those who think there should be less people on earth should consider suicide.

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It was kinda hard to click on "Like," for this post! If ya know what I mean. But when we all can get over being shocked and amazed at what psychopaths do and say-- It's like watching a scary movie, it's soooo ... OMG. I've been watching people doing the OMG thing for two and a half years and frankly, it seems like it's being accepted now, the way scary movies are accepted. I'm compelled to say this, to everyone, and no one singled out:

THIS IS REAL. GENOCIDE IS REAL. GET OFF THE DAMN SCREEN AND TAKE A WALK and think about whether or not life is precious to you, whether you are in love with this planet or not, whether you care about your body, other people, and what you are free to do or not do right now. GET OFF THE DAMN SCREEN and limit your time on it, because we are MESMERIZED.

GO OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch the bugs and the birds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch the grass grow!!!!!!!!!!

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Covid rules in New Zealand means my other half has been forbidden from participation for a year or so. Recently he was able to return and discovered one of his most joyful companions wasn't her usual self, her mother had been given a cancer diagnosis, chosen euthanasia and given her family less than a weeks notice - then she was gone.

I watched my own mother fight cancer for 14 years, she passed at 47. I have spent 6 weeks waiting to be seen for an unusual issue which may well be cancer - I'm 46 ... I am terrified and our healthcare is so messed up it will be easier for me to choose death than get medical diagnosis and treatment. What I wouldn't give for more time with my own Mum, I have missed her for over twenty years, for my own daughter I will choose life, whatever the outcome ....

Whatever they say this is, it's not compassion and the trauma of our formerly joyful companion is the evidence to the broken lives these ruthless 'owners' leave in their wake.

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We were onto this on 4Chan maybe a year and a half ago. A German anon and I were trawling the interwebs for changes to euthanasia policy. We remarked that during a "pandemic", adding more death to the equation seemed nuts.

Like Ukraine, Canada seems to be one of the "model countries" of the Great Reset (more correctly UN Agenda 2030).

Canadian people are now suiciding themselves because they can't afford to live. This should be a huge controversy.


Coming soon to a country near you soon.

I know I haven't commented here before and you probably don't know me, but I was introduced to you by Riley at https://edwardslavsquat.substack.com/

I'm a huge fan, thank you for all you do!

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Well, I don't think we'll have a choice pretty soon. Our longevity is tanking and the average used to be 78. That being said, when the WEF-controlled The Atlantic publishes something like this, it makes me more determined to live to at least 90.

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A snapshot of what's-happinin: Think Much Smaller


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May 29, 2022·edited May 29, 2022

Compassion is also used as the excuse to kill babies, saves the wee folk from what undoubtedly would have been a life of misery and despair (and perhaps a chance to cure cancer). I often think that we’ve likely slaughtered a person sent to help, now that particular help will never come.

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Crazy world - and nice writing, as always. Hey, I've been trying to reach you. You are our guest on our Freedom Hub podcast next Thursday. We should talk about it. Call when you can. My mobile is listed on the bottom of my emails. Jim

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Wow.. I appreciate the heads up (considering I live in Ontario and had no idea that such a program existed until now).

It is like they took a page right out of The Giver and passed it into law.

So basically, now that the government has psychologically abused the populace (especially the elderly that were isolated, poisoned with graphene, PEG and anomalous synthetic nanoparticles and then neglected) for 2 years and pushed people (of all ages) to the point of depression (and often suicidal tendencies) looks like they want to expedite the plan to get rid of as many 'useless eaters' as possible in the near future. I suppose when it comes to the elderly they (those that aspire to own the world and everything on it) figure "Why pay all that pension money when you can just make life a living hell for people and then offer them "self-administered" meds for suicide?"

It is indeed disgusting and appalling to witness this darker side of a small minority of Humanity, but I suppose these wake up calls are needed if we are to alter course in a significant way as a species. I feel these types of things will keep getting more and more extreme until we collectively muster the courage to look inward, remember our innate loving, courageous and curious nature and trail blaze a new path forward (spiritually, societally, ecologically, agriculturally and economically). These initiations (taking the form of expressions of malice and depravity) invite us to see the true value of compassion and fan the flame within to become a fire, allowing that to light our way as we banish the shadows that have arisen to remind us of our capacity for light within.

Thank you for your sacred work in shining light into the shadows and holding up a mirror so we can see ourselves and our human family with greater clarity as we strive to shed the programming and embrace integrity, love and remember what it means to be spiritual beings involved in a human experience.

Much love and respect from southern Ontario <3

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i have no problem with ending my life on my terms, look up what they did to a Japanese guy who got a fatal dose of radiation, they kept him alive for months in the most horrific conditions (think nazis but worse)


fair warning i think this is the worst thing any human has done to another in the history of mankind and the images are disturbing

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the link to why is canada euthanizing the poor doesn't work from this page. i had to bing it in an incognito window and then go to images to actually get to the story.

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May 29, 2022Liked by Tessa Lena

Very unsettling. Important to know though. Thank you.

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Well if the vax-caused neurological issues continue, there will be a huge number of people who can be “dealt with” after March 17, 2023. Disgusting is right.

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A tough, horrible topic, I'd rather not see. But the man living to 75 wasn't for

euthanasia or anything, just not taking medical treatments that MIGHT extend his life, and, as he said, likely poorer quality like his dad.

I never accepted medical treatment always thinking the 'cure' likely would

cause other problems.

That man wouldn't, it seems, try in any way to lengthen his life.

I would try because those things improve life we do have.

But euthanasia, to me, can be very bad legally. When mental conditions

are added next year, think of the possibilities to 'dispense' with a

rich, elderly person.

Have you been reading up on 'gas- lighting'? I thought I saw Trudeau

doing this in parliament. I'd say he could pull it off.

Some people can twist other people's minds, make them believe

a) they've lived long enough b) they're broke( yes, this can be done)

c) they're a burden to society, helping no one.

And the , they get the $$$ .

There was a book written, it's likely free to read now,

'Women and madness'. This took place maybe 1700-1800-1900's,

and women (who were fine, but inconvenient) were put into inane asylum by wealthy relatives, husbands. Often it was the woman's money.

So, this has been going on for a long time.

Margaret Trudeau was 'fixed' under a very evil, renowned psychiatrist.

I think 'reprogrammed'.

Our brains can be altered, twisted around. We hear 'brainwashed,

mind control'.

To me, euthanasia seems linked to all that.

We heard BLM, but this is 'YDM', you don't matter.

I don't think we should buy into that.

Very important post, Tessa, yes, and sickening.

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Once anything becomes socially acceptable, certain people will have no qualms about excelling at it, including "letting-people-die-peacefully"... I have seen it. It's not aberrant at all. It's common. It's human. Don't kid yourself.

Figure out if you really know enough to be sure who you are.

Note: Not directed at anybody. Not an attack.

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Have you ever gone through any tough, painful and horrible time?

Once you've come through it, how would you describe your thought processes? Logical? Balanced? Reasonable? Heck, mine aren't that completely in good times!!

If I'm just in pain all the time, no relief, or I just see no hope?

Maybe you see it but I don't. Present 'euthanasia', and at that period of time, isn't the person going to see it as 'the answer'?

When it's very tough, isn't it normal to 'want out'?

With the economy tanking, and homelessness and drugs increasing,

isn't euthanasia going to sound great?

Oh, things are bad, maybe we can 'go together' to the euthanasia clinic.

That will be the next step...groups.

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