I lost my job as a physician a few weeks ago. I spearheaded the testing at my clinic, tested more patients for COVID than any provider, and was the only one treating with ivermectin, zinc and doxycycline, since August 2020. I gave away over $1200 of vitamin-D pills to staff and patients in 2020, half just before Christmas. I worked there 18 years.

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Each of us is a snowflake, a mind boggling idea that all who have lived, are alive, and will live are unique constellations that have a unique expression to offer the world. As a former teacher, I can say schools are designed to systematically undermine our true nature, it is 'outsourced' to teachers, administrators, curriculum writers, and primes everyone to continue looking outside themselves for the rest of their lives. I remember fondly a day when I was teaching 5th grade and a student wanted me to tell them exactly what to do, and I asked the class, "why do you think I don't do this?" one brilliant student responded, "Because then we might spend our lives doing what others want us to do instead of doing what we want." Crazy how freedom has become associated with selfishness, and sad how this is inculcated in schools. There's no one size fits all ANYTHING, except of course, LOVE, xo, Thanks Tessa!!!

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Wow!!!!!!! I'm a new subscriber. I smiled while reading this. You young lady are a genius, a Mind Guerilla. What you are saying is new yet ancient. It is what Aldous Huxley called The Perennial Philosophy.

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Your exuberant optimism and love shine through in everything you write, Tessa, despite the difficult topics you cover.

As a sidenote, I thought you might like to know the “vaccine = freedom” piece is actually a subversive work of satirical art, as covered previously by CJ Hopkins: https://cjhopkins.substack.com/p/the-new-normal-reality-police

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The Domination Machine requires a LOT of energy to keep all the vibrating and bouncing particles corralled. It is constant work to impose that much ORDER. This Domination Machine grows, and that means it eats stuff, as it mainlines energy. Occasionally it has to break down and re-organize... Truth Resets Lies


​ In Mid October 2019 COP 201 was hastily convened to war-game a coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, and how countries might mobilize to meet this global threat. Bill Gates, the WHO, Johns Hopkins and governments of the world all participated. At this moment in time, by my reckoning, SARS-CoV-2 was already spreading in the US, China and Europe, and the Wuhan (military olympic) Games were underway, with all participants staying in a huge hotel complex.

A few participants, including Americans,were hospitalized with a weird viral pneumonia...​

Meanwhile, back in Manhattan, concurrent with COP 201, the Fed had to take over the overnight repo-window the previous month, September, because there was some kind of occult crisis of trust between the major banks of the world, and they could not loan to each other overnight based on good collateral (T-bills).

This now appears to have been due to the long-awaited crisis of derivative counterparty-risk.

They are not different things. The leveraged house-of-cards of global finance was quivering a bit...

Kill two birds with one stone. No, make that three birds. No, the whole damned flock of seagulls!

All of the players from global finance, global governance, global military and global medical and pharmacology were sitting at this big table working out the Great Reset. ("If you are not AT the table, you are ON the table", I have heard.)

What we are seeing and living now is the unfolding of the plans they worked out at this crisis summit. They maintain ownership. They maintain control of the system. The system appears to function as it did in the past, but only through vast daily creation of faith-based money.

"Faith" is sustained through the giddy form of greed that people feel when they are riding the peak of a bubble higher and higher, "to infinity and beyond".

Ths "smart" money is buying up any property it can find, before the faith-based money turns into a pumpkin at midnight. (Hey, what time is it!)

There can be no "rebuild back better", because fossil fuels, mineral ores and fossil water are all in decline, while parasitic rents on real economy are choking it to death. Since it is already "what's for dinner", it needs to be cast as "what is necessary to save the planet". Nobody in power has to lose power. The system stays the same, with some necessary adjustments.

Regular people, those of us not-at-the-table, need to understand that we are in climate crisis (we are) and that the only way out is to give up all of our property rights and all of our constitutional rights, and to allow our choices to be made for us, for the good of all of the life on Planet Earth.

Otherwise, there is no plan at all.

Obviously, only the people with experience at the top echelons of global governance, finance and public health have the broad enough vision to lead us forward into this crisis which was completely unforeseeable (except to people who read the obscure 1973 book "The Limits To Growth", which I learned about in 1974, and Deng Xiaopeng also read about that time. I hear his thinking was much influenced by it.)

I must sheepishly admit that I am not really going along with this plan, even though it's the best thing for all of us. I'm just going to try to spend cash while I have a little, grow vegetables, be a friend, a neighbor, "uncle John", "Dad", and so on. I don't have a real plan for global, national, regional, local and household economies for our whole world. AI computers can probably work that all out these days. In the past, there always had to be a collapse of the upper levels of management, finance and government, and the economies had to re-set from the ground-level of production, distribution and consumption on up.

That always took a decade or more. It also always seemed to waste most of the valuable executive talent at the pinnacle of the financial and governance hierarchy.

We can scarcely afford to lose our leaders in this critical moment of crisis, now can we?

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Tessa, I love your mind and you voice that comes through so beautifully in your writing. But mostly, I love your heart because that is what truly shines forth!!! You help me maintain faith in my own heart. Thank you!

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This little particle just tried to link and resonate with an old old friend, only to find we are separated by that damned distort-o-sphere boundary, within which the much larger particle group critical mass maintains stability. I find harmony outside that boundary with the much smaller clusters that appear to me to be free from the critical mass capture. I continue to look for reunion with the larger particle groups but fear that may only happen after the critical mass field is ravaged by destructive forces that appear from the outside to already be in motion. Despite my best repeated efforts, I have been altogether unable to pass real communication through the boundary. I fear they are at significant risk, and I just can't seem to get through. I will keep trying.

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Thank you Steven and Tessa. Beautifully written and entirely relevant.

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and so often your writing brings me back to this story https://www.cs.ucdavis.edu/~koehl/Teaching/ECS188/PDF_files/Machine_stops.pdf

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Each time I read your essays I marvel at how profoundly moving they are to me and how deeply they resonate within. It's like you're able to speak exactly what I'm thinking and how I'm feeling in a way that I find difficult to articulate. You give words to my lived experience. I often reread them and it changes how I see others, myself and the world. I aspire to write as well as you someday. Thank you.

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Steven Newcomb's work cast a clarifying light on the unease I felt at the ending of the "Apocalypto" movie - which literally portrays those ashore when the "discoverers" (saviours??) entered. I still don't quite know what to think of it, beyond the fact that it regurgitates stereotypes like 'Aztecs [?] Bad' (because worshippers of an evil deity demanding human sacrifice / mass slaughter) Forest Dwellers Good - that is to say, 'noble savages' in whom the rot has set in (rot = fear, basically). We now know those seafarers from afar didn't really rescue anyone, but what DID they do?

Replace one domination system with another?

Lift warfare, genocide & slavery to the next level?

Add radical estrangement (the 'need' to be 'reborn in Christ') to pre-existing hardships of life?

Target Moctezuma and his nation for I blackwashing spree?

Everything I learned in school is wrong. This was in Curacao (~the 'Dutch Puerto Rico'), and I was taught that Arawacs = Nice; whereas Caribs = Violent; but both were heathens devoid of Saving Grace; essentially the Apocalypto script). We can't use 'pre-Columbian atrocities' (whatever they were) to offset the perfidious Doctrine of Discovery.

In the documentary co-written by Newcomb, we hear Luis Rivera Pagán speak of elders in the 16th centruy who'd lapsed into jet-black depression after their everything (including their life) was taken by Conquístadores. This sounds eerily like the future they've in store for us, unless we desist and resist!

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Hello! I recently wrote a long post and one of my readers linked me to your post saying it was a companion piece to it (which I agree).


My own belief is that the Western obsession (originating from the Calvinists) with dominating nature came from a misinterpretation of the genesis verse say god made the world in his image and gave him dominion over all of it.

The one thing I'd add to this is that many people I know (and to some degree myself) directly perceive the emotional physics you are describing and while I have some minor disagreements on the nature of their behavior from my own observations, I essentially agree with the somewhat esoteric point you are raising!

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You expressed very elegantly what I have been feeling. Thank you.

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Please thank Steve for the kind words. Thank you both for your continued important work.

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The idea of domination is the usurp of the idea of a dominion or natural domain.

Terrain or field theory is closer to an alignment with a relational expression or world, than any object model - set in materialism or material causation as its predicate of 'mind dominated or controlled by external conditions'.

I haven't listened in yet, but I shall.

I recognise a plasma physic, electric universe idea as a psycho-physical expression.

The charged polarities of reactive interactions are highly complex patterns that cast and catch a core archetypal drama.

The intent or even the idea OF control is a usurping or masking substitution for love - but not as love is masked in by the attempt to manufacture virtue that is innate to the qualities of being. There is a 'blind' Law of giving and receiving that can be pointed to by sow and reap or giving and receiving, judge not lest ye be judged, or Garbage in; garbage out.

But a lawless mind is set in a mask as its self and protector, until recognising and releasing the error.

A masking illusion has all the power or life we give it, while we give it. But none of its own.

So an alien will of a machine-like blind or loveless control set in overwhelming dominance, rises from within and beneath our 'world' to destroy us.

This is the thing about denial - we do not recognise that it remains active regardless of being cast or set 'out of mind' - but once invested, we are conditioned by masking rules and filters to buy time for a sense of conflicted lack and disconnection to seek to boost or ally itself with more 'control'.

Integrative wholeness can be sidelined and discarded while holding a focus in keeping a conflict for fear of pain of loss set in both options. This then is really about who and what you accept yourself to be. A Man cannot serve two masters, for each negates or cancels the other.

There is a true belonging in being, that is witnessed by peace at heart when aligning truly. But false thinking sets this as an option to be attended when more pressing matters have been resolved... so as to be pressed into structure that protects from and denies, direct relational appreciation now. Giving and receiving as one. This cannot be contractually or conceptually defined. That would be a re-presentation in image and concept given binding by agreement.

For the most part we know not what we do, but even a glimpse of such intuitive honesty allows a basis for the release of a masking that dominates by default - as an ancient choice set in separation trauma, that then reiterates itself as a schism or split of wholeness to conflicting levels of body, mind and spirit that become fragmented and reversed as reactive struggle of a sense of separateness driven to GET.

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Tessa is indeed a singer. I feel like I just listened to a song.

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