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I greatly admire your stand for compassion and rationality.

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No none of us are are surprised at a another day in the wonderland,which finds new ways to twist,maim and mutilate the "law"to justify its criminality,and undermines every aspect of its own private citizens legal rights.A state that suspends habeas corpus, the very essence of democratic law,when it suits them.

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Hopefully this recent mass insanity is only a symptom of opportunism courtesy of the ruling powers. Lockdowns, masks, no-fly lists and restrictions for the Un-V’d etc … are not supported by any scientific or “real-life” concerns. It’s narrative management pure and simple, to what ends I can only guess as being the installation of totalitarianism? Hopefully it wasn’t orchestrated from the start. That would conclude a whole other level of Machiavellianism. Hopefully the world will wake up and see COVID-19 for what it actually is, another virus to be managed like influenza, not a contagion of biblical magnitude. Hopefully enough people will see that nothing is worth our subjugation, that no amount of perceived safety is worth giving up one’s liberties and human rights. In the future people may reflect on this period and realise the lengths to which they were so easily duped. Hopefully there will be shame and apologies. Hopefully those who funded and supported the manufacture of this virus are exposed and bought to bear for their crimes. Hopefully …

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Mob Mentality and the Unvaxxed

I think it'll be hard to make this work going forward, though the tool is inchoate rage, not logic.

"Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred."

– Joseph Goebbels


​ ​I don't forward petitions, but this man is fighting for truth, for your human rights, not just rational medical treatment for COVID.

​Professor of Medicine at Baylor Med School, and author of the most frequently cited medical papers on COVID-19,

Peter McCullough MD, is being sued to silence him.

The petition to Baylor is to please drop the lawsuit against Dr McCullough.

He's a good man, a good doctor and a valiant hero in the current political context.

Next role, human-sacrifice?


Does this include criticism of Dr. McCullough? I'm cornfused...

Baylor Prof Demands Prosecution Of Criticism Of Fauci And Other 'Scientists' As Hate Crime


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Proofreading: On the 1st line, I think you meant "grasping", although gasping has its merits.

Copy edit: In the section "...from own souls and at replacing own inner compasses...", most readers of English are trained to expect a possessive word, like 'their' or 'our' or 'your' preceding the word 'own'.

I suspect they're going to want 'their' there.

Give it to them now, or you'll have to comfort them later with "There, there".

Fanboy finale: You're getting better with each one of your essays...please continue.

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I value your work. Thank you for this, it was a tough day as it feels like we’re trying to hold back the tide.

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Tonight, I realize I love you

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You're doing important work Tessa, thank you. Loving each other is the only way out.

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Thank you!

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Jason I think it was orchestrated. Not necessarily the pandemic but control of the population. The U.S. has 300,000+ laws and (mostly) regulations that will send you to federal prison for at least a year. Three. Hundred. Thousand. Even if it's not orchestrated the problem is too many people have given in because of fear. And when they do try to take back their freedom the government will shut them down.

Consider: the governors of all states where the legislature has tried to limit their power are fighting tooth and nail to keep it. Going to court against the people's elected representatives who are trying to return the power where it belongs. Courts are shutting down civil liberties at public institutions. Apparently it's being considered in some states no unemployment if you're fired because you didn't get v-d. Insurance won't pay if you get sick and didn't get v-d. It won't be long until you can't buy anything, even online, without a v-card. (Remember when that phrase meant something different?)

I hope I'm wrong, I really do. But... Even paranoids have real enemies. And no matter how paranoid you are, you aren't paranoid enough.

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Hi Tessa, I've just discovered my new Internet Service Provider has a block running on certain, specially chosen websites that qualify, i.e. consentfactory.org, thewallwillfall.org, and yours, tessa.substack.com. The only way I could skirt around this was to ask my next-door neighbour for their password and use their wi-fi (a different ISP) to see if I could gain access to the sites. As you can see, this worked and here is my message! Behind the scenes, and despite the fact that we are keeping them profitable, they will obviously go to unusual lengths to shut down public access to valuable resources. I haven't had time yet to get an idea of how many sites are actually blocked, and the true extent of this censorship, but no doubt the above list is not exhaustive...!! Please keep doing what you do and thank you for another great post!!!

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