Tessa said: "Once I realized that everything is a means to an end, and the end is connecting to our souls, I calmed down and accepted the fact that patience is our friend, and that we are in this for a long haul."


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Well said indeed! Here's a couple of worthy relevant outlooks that found me this week that are worth sharing:

"Chief among the common misconceptions about the way official propaganda works is the notion that its goal is to deceive the public into believing things that are not “the truth” . The primary aim of official propaganda is to generate an “official narrative” that can be mindlessly repeated by the ruling classes and those who support and identify with them. This official narrative does not have to make sense, or to stand up to any sort of serious scrutiny. Its factualness is not the point. The point is to draw a Maginot line, a defensive ideological boundary, between “the truth” as defined by the ruling classes and any other “truth” that contradicts their narrative."


,,,,and here is a plausible definition of "Blue Pill":

"The Normalcy Bias 'is a cognitive bias that occurs in times of crisis, leading us to disregard any signs or warnings that we are in danger. ... Normalcy bias is a defense mechanism that lulls us into thinking life will just continue as it always has.' It is a reassuring presumption that things will get better, or, at least things will not take a dramatic change for the worse. Masses of people can also be detached from reality by the Conformity Bias. People with this cognitive defect look to their social group to tell them what is true. There is no independent critical thinking. This is the lazy person’s way of acquiring his view of reality."


peace love

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I'm seeing that more and more of humanity are waking up to the threat of the predator class.

Past generations saw them as politicians, investors, and philanthropists. They knew there was some corruption, but they got respect. In their eyes, evil comes from "out there", just like in religion, some kind of infection... cold war, war on cancer, war on drugs, war on extremism .

Basically the system of 1984.

The current generation are starting to see that evil first hand. It's no longer hidden as external forces, the current generation can see the corruption up front. The war was brought home with covid and it damaged many, but also woke up many.

So, either they fess up to corruption and go clean or reform their ways of corruption in a way to trick us again.

That's why propaganda that worked before, based on older psychological models doesn't work now!


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This time in humanity's history is a tough, cruel, crushing period. There are powerful devils incarnate attempting to kill or subjugate us. We need to maintain reasonable optimism as a propellant for hope. Without hope, we are defeated. We never become comfortable with the conditions of life (which is partly why we are in such dire straits). We need to continuously fight back as the enemy never rests. They are, in fact, pushing hard and fast. Many of the cabal are now elderly (even though they think they will live an eternity) and wish to achieve their goals very soon or, at least, make enormous gains. So, we must keep up the fight, always resisting. We are mere mortals so we need to occasionally rest and regroup. But, remember we are fighting against a machine that has been well-oiled, organized, for many millennia. They will keep throwing adversity against us to see what sticks, but a moving target is harder to hit. Keep moving, keep fighting and never give up hope. We are good and we are right. Right always subdues evil power.

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Hi Tessa,

Buried under a flood of information, long time no chat.

I could not help but to read you and be reminded of two themes I've also struggled with ... the never ending battle for personal authenticity, and the slippery, provisional dimension of language (and logic). I recently read a stack by Mathew Crawford about the escalation of mindwar / psyops ... and was thinking about how our 'institutionalized education' does not prepare us for language as grounded in metaphor and social boot-strapping. Your piece today dovetails very well with what he has been thinking about, and prompted me to go back and integrate a bit of Derrida with my own mind-set.

Cheers, and power to you Tessa.


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The liars lie always with the greatest rectitude - right minded people think x even when it has been shown to be demonstrably impossible. It was right in a general sense even though it wasn’t factually accurate - besides they haven’t been taught to reason. They pick themselves up and think they should be forgiven because they really thought they were right or ought to have been, because that’s the sort people they are (people with regular thoughts who are put up to enforcing some idiocy and can’t see what’s wrong with it). Then there are there are the real thugs, the preening upper class cads - and of course now they live with fact that many see through them. Last week we saw the return in the UK of David Cameron, Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton or was it Everybody, of Eton, Bullingdon College Oxford, and the WEF. There he is in place at the Foreign Office with his side-kick super bully and like minded Bill Gates crony Andrew Mitchell, one of the most conspicuously unpleasant men ever to hold office in the UK. So, I guess we had better laugh while we can.

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One has not lost until one quits.

DJT 2024

25 IN 25

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"The rule said that people can be isolated or quarantined in interim housing, rather than just their own homes, but doesn’t mention camps. It was deemed unconstitutional by a judge, who said the state overreached, but also did not mention camps."

Just in case that wasn't made abundantly clear: Nobody ever intended to build camps!

I think few people appreciate that we actually seem to have prevented camps in the worst sense of the word.

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Great piece. I find maintaining optimism that good will prevail from this point in the fight, is one of the greatest drains on energy.

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Well said Tessa

Thank you for holding the lamp high so that we may remember . Keep hugging laughing sharing joy and love ...the best I can do now is lean deeply into the vital presence of every moment.

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Praying for her eventual success, and all of ours.

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until this is overturned on further appeal - which it may be - the current situation simply requires us to be extra vigilant.

concentration camps take up a lot of space. and people to run them. who and where should be at the top of our list of questions.

there are many ways to stop a bulldozer. if a rock doesn't work maybe a crowbar will.

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Thank you Tessa, a particularly loving piece from a fighting heart.

I turned my life over to self-sufficiency in response to 2020. It has been brutal, beautiful, ridiculous and it has almost broken me, but it's also come to define my existence. We are indeed here to connect with our souls. If anyone is interested in the journey, here's a good point to join the road:

The Value of Living Crisis: https://walkingwithgoats.substack.com/p/the-value-of-living-crisis

My work is free and sent with love.

Solidarity in resistance.

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This history (lets hope anyway) may be of interest FEMA Drill: DETAIN 500K PEOPLE AT A TIME ...

Converting military bases to prisons and mass-arresting over a half of a million residents at a time, for your safety, of course. https://chemtrails.substack.com/p/fema-drill-detain-500k-people-at?publication_id=1865725&post_id=138081490&isFreemail=true&r=r91bi&utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

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Wowww the Stockdale paradox certainly IS interesting... I guess I would never be classified as an optimist by this definition :)

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