#BuildBackBetter: A Scream

In 2020, we are in a place where tech billionaires and their pocket politicians are no longer hiding their teeth.

First off, this is an existential post because the task at hand transcends politics. For clarity, and to get the political emotion out of the way, my politics is “human.” I am greatly appalled by the spectacle-at-large, by the cruelty and dishonesty of it, and I am not contributing any of my mental energy to the hyped and nerve-racking fight between competing parasites. By choice, I remain unmoved by the pressure to “sound smart,” according to the rules of the echo chamber. In my Soviet childhood, I have written enough mandatory cliché essays—full of talking points that a “smart child” would recite—to become allergic to propaganda for life. No propaganda please.

I have friends who love Biden, I have friends who love Trump—I don’t fancy either but I get along with my friends as long as there is respect—which so far seems to be the sanest way to go about it. In the past, I have been involved in activism to protect artists from Big Tech’s sharp teeth (see my article about Google from 2015)—and by the way, all my grudges from that time still hold true today—but today, Big Tech has gotten more emboldened, and we are now dealing with a much more overarching danger. Today, we are all on the technofascists’ plate—even though some of us are still unaware of it and still focusing on the left vs. the right and on echo chamber symbolism—while the technofascists are boldly setting traps and licking their lips in anticipation of a meal.

Now, let’s talk about Biden’s “Building Back Better.”

My feelings?

My feelings about it are not good at all. When I read Biden’s transition plan the other day, I lost my appetite and I wanted to just cry. Cry from lies, from horror, and the feeling that one feels when a cold-hearted, soulless machine tries to wrench a knife into your heart. (Note: I voted outside of the duopoly, kept hoping that I would pinch myself and discover that they had all gone to the Moon, and I obviously saw this coming—but still, when I read it I felt not so good.) And no, Trump isn’t better in this regard—just look at his deep-state’y Operation Warp Speed.

So I think it’s about timing—and the pressure from the technofascists.

Ten years ago, Biden would have been a standard corporatchik president, somewhat racist, good for nothing but “normal,” happy to bomb other countries and to grace TV with respectable speeches—but still leaving regular people enough space to live and breathe. But now, in 2020, we are in a place where tech billionaires and their pocket politicians are no longer hiding their teeth behind the sweet tales of entitled consumerism. And frankly, everybody—regardless of political beliefs—should be screaming about it and holding each other’s hands. But Biden conveniently got some people excited or relaxed over the fact that he is #NotTrump—and, I fear, they won’t wake up until new fascism is straight in their faces. Until they can’t have sex without “papers,” or a soldier in a uniform shows up at their door step, taking their dad away to an isolation camp based on scientifically erroneous tests. Until it’s fully legal to poison their skies on unprecedented scale, possibly leading to an ecological catastrophe, not to mention a sharp decline in health—hello, new epidemic—or until they can’t travel without being digitally branded and abused.

Unimaginable? I wish!! As unimaginable as the fact that we now have the National Guard being deployed to New York airports, and the UK version of it almost got deployed to a British school to test children without parental consent, or that the people in the UK can’t have casual sex by law, or the tragic fact that some people are afraid to touch own family members because their legitimate anxiety from spring has gotten to their heads too deeply, and never left.

And—a tangent—yes, even under the most oppressive and conveyor-like regimes, it is possible to live “well” for some time, while young or very healthy from nature, while sincerely compliant and surrounded by those who also believe in the Machine. It’s possible to be blissfully misguided until the poison of the Machine kicks in and brings you down. Furthermore, our brains want to believe sweet stories that make us feel that everything is “normal” and no one’s trying to eat us—even as we are being eaten. We mute our own feelings and carry on, while getting sick underneath the hood. But when one finally sees the face of the Machine, it isn’t pretty. When I think about all the people in nursing homes who probably never expected to see the face of the Machine, and who were locked up like prisoners or orphaned children, who had to die alone, abandoned and betrayed—after, perhaps, living full and successful lives—my heart explodes. When they lived their lives, worked, dined, and had relationships, could they imagine they would die like that, like trapped animals, without family around and without rights? Probably not—just like today’s proud intellectuals cannot imagine seeing the face of the Machine. Something to think about.

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Anyway, Biden and his “Build Back Better.”
The plan.

The tagline is of course a soundbite by the World Economic Forum. I’ve talked earlier about the World Economic Forum’s blueprint for restructuring the world’s economy—and for rewriting what it means to be alive—the blueprint called “The Great Reset.” If you haven’t looked into this, you might want to do it since it provides the context for Biden’s transition plan.

The plan itself reads like it was written by a very good, smart, starry-eyed, career-oriented intern working for the World Economic Forum. It is sparkled with the same sweet-sounding talking points about justice and sustainability that have been going around for some time now, carried on the ground level largely by people with small salaries and very good intentions—and funded by people with very large incomes and not so good intentions—with the purpose of creating a culture shift and prepping our brains for the economic, financial, and religious reform designed by the “great resetters.”

Let me stress that the linguistic wrapper is extremely appealing, just like a Soviet poster of a happy, smiling worker—while of course the real worker lived in poverty and worked at a toxic plant for pennies—with a sense of “dignity,” supported by the fact that everybody around was also poor, and the television sang the songs of theoretical respect for workers.

What amused me about the language of Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan is that he has always been fairly right-wing as far as policies, albeit with a label of a Democrat. The coat of sweet, almost radical, feel-good language looks very funny on his shoulders. On a normal, peaceful day, I would write it off as the usual BS of political marketing, and forget about it immediately. However, the way this sweet language translates to real life is ominous.

Pandemic measures

“Listen to the scientists,” he says. And then, under the same breath, he talks about a military-grade effort focusing on “tens of millions of tests.”

Wow, wow, wow. Now I am screaming.

Surely he knows that the tests that we are currently using on a massive scale are broken—according to many, many scientists including Dr. Fauci? Surely, he knows that, doesn’t he? Surely he knows that the story about “cases, cases, cases” is based on a Theranos-level technical inaccuracy, which has also happened in the past? Surely he knows that currently, the majority of asymptomatic positive results are false positives, and that most people with a positive PCR test are likely to not even be contagious? Let me repeat, the majority of positive results are currently false positives, per a number of credentialed scientists who have been screaming for sanity from the rooftops for like ever? And we are doing what now? Taking that testing to eleven?!!! And please, don’t say that we will “eventually get to fixing it” because we won’t, without a massive public outcry. This technical error has been known since spring, and I don’t hear him say a word about it, although it could be the most important thing to pound right now. Without fixing that issue, the entire tower built on top of it is a giant corporate money laundry scam with horrific consequences for the people on the ground.

So…. let me get this straight… we are going to continue the surreal conversation about “cases, cases, cases”—now, in November—and ramp up the broken testing—then ramp up broken contact tracing—and turn regular people’s lives upside down even more? All based on tests that have a built-in technical mistake in them? And we are going to continue doing it with a straight face, making everyone lose their marbles until the damage is irreversible? That is the plan? Are we just going to run with it no matter what and tell the people to shut up?!

Is it what they mean by #NewNormal, that words don’t mean anything real anymore?


Now, let’s talk about contact tracing. What a wonderful handout to the Big Tech surveillance state. Yeah, let’s pretend that we are just innocently doing this noble thing—that we need it, that the apps work fine, that our data is secure, and that we can trust the algorithm, both literally and figuratively. And what a wonderful way of “creating new jobs” is it to institute an army of contact tracing folks who will be doing their jobs based on—still broken—tests, using broken apps, with potentially devastating consequences for the citizens. And how fun will it be to force the citizens to register when they dine at restaurants or attend private parties. 2020 is full of miraculous strategies!

And no, this is not incompetence—because Big Tech has been lobbying for a such a world forever. Oh, and isn’t it a sweet coincidence that Google’s Dr. Evil, Mr. Schmidt, is seemingly on board?

And mask mandates

Say what you want but Biden isn’t stupid. He knows the truth about masks. He—like many other politicians campaigning on the empty and unscientific platform of mask mandates—doesn’t even wear one himself, except for show. And personally, I am just waiting for our masks to magically turn into smart face wearables! I think it’s coming!

And yes, I am well aware that that some of my friends have internalized the narrative about masks being an act of love—I know it and I mourn it—and I can bet you anything in the world that once some years pass and this nightmare is over, it will be widely known that this is how the nascent fascist state attempted to mess with people’s heads—literally.

Biden’s plan of economic recovery?

It’s a combination of the World Economic Forum’s “reskilling” talking points and a “Trojan bone” thrown to the people whose businesses and jobs have been destroyed by lockdowns—“helping” the new destitute stay afloat by offering them to join the new surveillance state contract tracing “police,” or to become the worker bees building the new infrastructure serving the old tech billionaires.

It is very similar to the technique of taking the land away from farmers and then "training” their kids to work on assembly lines. So cruel, and so sweetly packaged!

To this I’d like to add that all of this is built on a premise that we are somehow inevitable moving toward the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as if it is some kind of an existentially predetermined path—while in fact, it is simply a preferred trajectory that exits in the heads of the megalomaniacs.

Biden’s racial equality plan reads like a sweet children’s book. Who on Earth would argue against treating everybody with respect, or trying to help the disadvantaged, or tackling police brutality? These are all values that any decent person can embrace, if only the words meant what they are supposed to mean—which is up for grabs. His track record presents a stark contrast to the starry-eyed language of the plan—and of course, the language of “justice” has long been shamelessly hijacked by super predators with horrible intentions—so I wonder how quickly police accountability will turn into Ring cameras for every household, AI cops, thought police, and mass surveillance. I predict that Ring cameras for all and AI law enforcement will show up pretty quickly, and the new language will tell us why it’s great. I am not going into the woods on this one right now—although the woods exist—because the article is getting long again.

To understand his climate justice plan, the easiest thing is just to go back to the Great Reset because the narrative is following World Economic Forum’s talking points to a tee. A “sustainable” vision filled with laughing tech billionaires, sensors, smart grids, data centers, GMOs, AI, etc. On paper, the story of sustainability is very sweet—but in reality, it’s nothing like a little organic garden filled with happy farmers! Alas! And yes, before somebody asks me what I suggest we do about the environment if not “the Great Reset,” all I can say is, right now, anything but the Great Reset. We probably need to go back to our roots and think together. We probably will end up going local—and some people like Vandana Shiva are already working on very good strategies. But please, not the Great Reset and not its fake “sustainability”!

Well, this sucks… what now?

Tough times, but here’s what I am thinking.

I think that in this moment—which has nothing to do with the aesthetics of #Trump vs. #NeverTrump—we really need our hearts to lead us through this chaos and confusion. We need all hands on deck. What does “all hands on deck” mean right now? The times are strange, and I feel like the answer about how to fight the attack on our aliveness is unique to each of us since we have different talents and different callings. But the general strategy is to allow our hearts and our instincts to lead the way. To call on our good ancestors to guide us and to inspire us with the wisdom that they have learned. If our heart approves—we need to ignore the fear and the embarrassment of “sounding ridiculous” and to stand up for our humanity without guilt. There are a lot of us. We are the majority. We need to unbend our spines and stand up straight and understand what we are dealing with and help each other.

Game on.


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