wow, great info... fyi, Kimmel is paid for by Pfizer and Moderna. I found out about that when he poked fun at Dr. Steven Baker last year. a skit delivered by late-night network television comedian Jimmy Kimmel about COVID mRNA vaccines was sponsored by Moderna. https://www.nutritruth.org/single-post/brought-to-you-by-pfizer-pharma-giant-spends-more-on-ads-news-sponsorships-than-research

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Ugh, Kimmel. Ugh, ugh, ugh. Soulless ghoul. Among many. LA is where people go to be de-souled. I know, I lived there for 17 years. Left in 2014. Thanks for this run-down. All great stuff.

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Tessa, you are a seer, that is a seer of the truth of our world and existence; both physical and spiritual. This, I think, we all need to remind ourselves of less we plunge into darkness and despair:

quote "the world remains what it has always been, and spiritual strength is our responsibility. Predators exist to remind us of our pure hearts and of the fact that we don’t owe them submission or misery."

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Why work on bat viruses when they could also be working on... aerosolized rabies!

Haven't they heard of multi-tasking?

/comedian mode

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Fantastic, Tessa! Thanks so much and yeah... Mike Yeadon's courage and steadfastness is so inspiring.

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Thank you, Tessa. I always appreciate your Soviet-era perspective because that's so deeply relevant right now. AND I honor your courage and integrity. Please keep on keeping on. Your posts are a gift to all of us.

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Yay, thank you,Tessa. An in-betweener I understand but a good one. The particulars are important to help people at least begin to wrap their heads around, and yes, it is sad that this kind of ick was all their bonified dumb idea and not ours but meanwhile...we have a collective frame from which we can begin to ascertain and engage.... I'm heading towards numb for dental surgery Sunday, too long w a gig Sat night, so excuse the less coherent bits, and all a bit of a crutch for a few more minutes (rum and ice) before I crash but advantagous nonetheless. Seriously, a fine aggregation of relevance with your familiar creative frame I do not know how much longer this monkey business can hustle rank and file -ok, sideswiped humans without much grip tape for their noggin apparently - but I suppose there will be a fair amount of time with people scrambling on all fours looking for their wits, or the wherewithall to fucking stand up, get a fucking clue and begin to course-correct so-to-speak, I can only hope that more everyday human beings will begin to acknowledge their cousins and begin engaging more off of this wretched digital lattice which has of course so much potential depending upon the hands which hold its reins - but christola, this is no place for change as it's such an assault on the bruised and battered human conscience. I digress. Short on sleep. Keep up the great work. Love love xxfb

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I read and enjoyed your article on Mercola. It reminded me of something Dr. Carrie Madej said on Alex Jones' show maybe 10 months ago. It's been a while but she was saying that the COVID shots could be used with 5G for tracking or control. It's been a while so I might be a little off but I'm sure that's close. That seemed pretty far out there to me and I really forgot about it until I read your article.

It might be a stretch that these "vaccines" are being used for such a thing. But it certainly seems possible in the near future.

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I awoke troubled by a dream early yesterday morning, and puzzled by it. I have just read a compilation of articles about "human machine hybrids" which is evoking the same feelings that I had in the dream, and which remain with me...

Chris sent this link to 10 articles, including "Privacy and the Connected Mind", and "The internet of Bodies".


Part 2 is perhaps more chilling than part 1, perhaps. These white-papers by governmental, military and corporate "stakeholders" in artificial intelligence and brain-computer-interfaces already have machines with biological computers, and sharks controlled remotely by hardwired computer interfaces. It's presented in the most pleasant light possible. Everybody being connected to an artificially-intelligent brain internet "could potentially increase diversity", for instance.

One recurring argument is that this is coming, so either embrace it and "win" or spurn it and "lose", especially militarily. This argument assumes some fixed role of the status-quo, at least the worst forms of oppression, in the face of fundamental changes in biological existence, and advises choosing the lesser evil of becoming a cyborg to "your own side" proactively.

Missing from all of this is any consideration of the spiritual nature, the "meaning" of life as an intelligent, empathic and emotional being, with profound experiences of reality. It's easy to see how that is completely invisible to this approach, to these sterile explorations, selling the nicest points of what inherently extends the internet into human brains and bodies. Shall I have my thoughts censored? Shall I experience pain or hunger if I do not do as I am directed. Will I get a little burst of pleasure each time I comply? Will I really have a choice in what my body does? What will become of my body when it is old, sluggish and creaky?

This is the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" plan for western industrial society. We need not be concerned for any of our needs, as that is well above our pay grade. We can find "meaning" in any of thousands of virtual-reality worlds, which we can share with other minds through the world-interfaces. This will be our new home. Our bodies can be nourished and made comfortable quite cheaply and easily, as we rest and enjoy it.

The dream I awoke from was that I was somehow in a series of hotels, and I could not find a way out. They were not uncomfortable except for my pervasive sense of uneasiness about what was going on. I felt somewhat hesitant to ask others, to show that I had no idea how or why I was there, or where I was. Others also seemed reserved, timid and uncertain in their actions, not speaking much or confiding to each other. There was nothing green, nothing alive, nothing natural.

I seemed to find myself in several of these settings, and felt they were different, and in different places. There were few men, mostly women, and nobody was aggressive, all very muted and tentative in movements and conversation with each other.

In the last of these venues, maybe "Hotel California", by the feeling, there was a coloration of darkness and reddish light.

I found my way outside into the night, into a vast and empty parking lot, with rain, but warm rain, and another guy looking around in the warm rain.

It was on a vast and empty plateau, with the lights of some city (LA?) in the distance. I noticed that I was wet, but not cold, and wondered about it.

There seemed to be no answer for me out there in the darkness. When I went inside a group of five or six women was standing together, trying to communicate with each other. One of the ladies turned to the others and spoke as I drew near to them. She gestured towards me and said, "he saved my life".

I was included in that group, my first feeling of connection in that world of lonely mingling.

What I felt was the sudden responsibility to find the way, the way to meaning, to answers, to connection with the outside, connection to life, connection to reality.

I was elected to serve, to find the way.

I was entrusted with that responsibility. I could not fail them.

As I drove down to Yoakum yesterday morning, to put insulation in the attic, I repeatedly felt emotion well up in me, nearly to tears, as I re-experienced the woman in my dream telling the other souls, "he saved my life".

The time for us to learn in spirit, to develop our awareness of our connectedness, and our ability to serve love, compassion, wisdom and cooperation, is now. We may do so now. We may feel our connectedness now, feel others gently touch our souls now. Ask for wisdom and guidance now. The artificial world of the hard-wired hive mind of human bodies has no love, no compassion, and is designed to serve selfish corporate power interests, while the physical world of industrial capitalism relentlessly declines.

The alternative world which we can nurture is the world of life, the world of complex ecosystems, of complexity which harmonizes at every level. We have the ability in our own nature to be the stewards of nature, not the overlords of nature.

A one time discovery of energy in coal and oil, of machines to build and transport and travel, of electricity and instantaneous communication across the world, has brought us each to a decision point.

We can join in loving spirit, or be starved and coerced into submission to the Borg, to becoming meat-robots in an interactive computer simulation with goggles, a comfortable cocoon and little wires and chips in our brains. I have felt that emptiness in a dream.

The way that I must serve those souls who I met in the dream is to serve now, earlier in time, to find a path for all of us, which does not lead to the places of that dream. I pray that we can do this together.

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Hi again,

Dr. Yeadon's video (thanks for sharing) got me thinking and I wanted to know your thoughts.

I used to believe that this reform was primarily about redistribution of power and wealth etc. I never believed in intentional mass extermination.

The recent developments and Dr. Yeadon's analysis convinced me that depopulation may indeed be the primary goal, but there are different ways to accomplish that goal and it may be that the vaccines, or at least some of them are designed to protect those who comply from a deadly virus the perpetrators intend to release in the future. I've thought of that before and I am sure a lot of people have considered this scenario.

It would make more sense to exterminate the unvaccinated portion of the mankind, primarily in Russia, 3rd world countries, as well as the dissidents in the western world. The remaining compliant population in the "civilized" countries would be easier to manage and easier to convince that billions of people are killed by a naturally occurring epidemic, our leaders did everything they could to save us all, etc.

I've been thinking about the most recent push to vaccinate the remaining population in the western world. It doesn't make any sense since Omicron and yet Canadian, Australian, British leaders are more aggressive than ever. It's hard to believe that they are so head bent on exterminating young children (the majority of the remaining unvaccinated here). Maybe it is because something more deadly is coming, our leaders can't stop it, but the vaccines are supposed to protect those who accept them.

Of course, this version does not explain the adverse effects caused by the vaccines, all the damage and inconsistencies... Dr. Yeadon's analysis has a lot of good points but I don't think it makes sense to cull all of your vaccinated supporters in the "civilized" countries and then explain what happened to the unvaccinated dissidents, plus deal with the remaining people in Russia, Africa, Asia, South America, etc.

I am certainly not running to get vaccinated until and unless my employer mandates it (can't live under the bridge and eat garbage). I will remain in opposition for as long as I can because the whole thing is revolting, irrespective of the details, I am not afraid to die and I am not sure I want to live in a post-apocalyptic world where monstrosities won after exterminating billions, but it is all very puzzling...


P.S. I think it is a good idea to share Dr. Yeadon's video, he is certainly right about a lot of things, and people have the right to access uncensored information and opinions, but I wonder what you think.

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What I don't get is the need for secrecy.

If you advertised "Do you want to earn $10 000 extra per year, free of tax and on top of any other income? Are you between 21 and 65? Then apply for participation in (add something snappy and easily shortened to a cool abbreviation)." I think you would be inundated with applications and $10k/year for let's say 2 000 participants so we can do the study dubble-blind is frankly tiddlywinks when it comes to what is spent on military-related stuff.

And going by the internet, unemployment figures, people who's spent four years in college or att uni learning "literary analysis with a counter-racial trans-queer gender perspective" and so on there's no dearth of willing participants. Heck, you could even offer extension of student loans! Long as you are in the study, you don't have to pay off the debt, interest free.

Or you could offer people doing 5-10 for nonviolent crimes time off. You could offer homeless people a cheap dwelling, three square a day, and learning a trade.

"This study runs for five years. During this time you will live in this town built for the purpose, and you will be able to participate in numerous vocational courses, free of charge."

2 000 people, one 3m*4m shack each, showers, bathrooms, etc. - all the logistics, should come to less than one F-16. Especially if you can use an old army base.

I guess I'm too stupid to understand all the cloak & dagger-stuff.

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