Talk about synchronicity! I’ve been writing about lies too, using the Pinocchio trope. Strange. I think our lies in many ways are compromises we make. Living in truth is much harder than “going with the flow” of society which invariably involves a multitude of lies. You need to lie to yourself about the ecological damage your lifestyle causes, you need to lie to yourself that you really are interested in seeing your cousin Jane when you actually find her a bore. You need to lie that you think your labour is a fair exchange for the pay you receive, you need to lie about your enthusiasm for a job you really don’t like doing, you need to lie that these new pair of shoes are necessary, even cool and possibly going to make you a better person (even though you have ten perfectly serviceable pairs in the wardrobe already). All these lies are easier than the truth which may involve a quest for deeper meaning. Globocap doesn’t like deeper meanings because it cannot be monetised, hence the tsunami of lies we are fed 24/7 by the media and advertising etc. In the current set up, going along with the lies makes life easier. Calling out the lies is uncomfortable, gets you ostracised and often far worse (see Assange). But some of us can’t help ourselves. Our logic brain goes but … but … that doesn’t make sense? Like a “vaccine” that doesn’t work but is still being pushed on a populace. If only we were all a little less susceptible to choosing comfort and acceptance over truth.

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"Recently, I asked a semi-rhetorical question:

What do you do when someone you love is being deceived and siding with the deceiver? What do you do?

My answer as of this moment is that you stand your ground and keep a cool head. In my own life, I have learned that sometimes, the only way is to not be hurt by what hurts and to always remember my goodness. After all, life is an adventure. After all, siding with love is tremendously pleasant. After all, we are here for the real reality, which is sweeter than lies."

I agree!

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Thank you, Tessa. You really hit the mark, again. There are so many takeaways here. Existential math is one. Another is wobblyfolk, the ungrounded victims of a predator-engineered reality. This feels to be the prime strategy of the atheist technocratic globalists.

Looking back, the intentional removal of spiritual grounding, of immediate connection with the universal, with an infinite and benevolent source, is a strategy not just of the 4ID but for tyranny and control down the ages. Is not religion, whether Christianity, Judaism or Islam, the removal of personal divine agency and intimacy and the imposition of a controlled gateway with impossible conditions to fulfill? A usurping of personal power, the vampiring as you put it, to create a world of willing slaves to an engineered reality of heaven, sin and eternal damnation? With its priesthood elite?

Not much has changed, apart from the technology. The priesthood elite are now in Davos.

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Wonderful work Tessa. I find myself amazed that there are still quite intelligent and sensitive writers/bloggers promoting the idea that those at the helm of our rapidly evolving totalitarian reich are somehow quite likely well intentioned, and that those in control actually believe the non-stop lies they are peddling. It seems that some still find some level of comfort in such denial of reality.

It strikes me that it is very difficult for most of us with "normal" levels of empathy for example, to imagine the psychopathic or sociopathic personality that does not share that most basic orientation to life, to other creatures and to the truth of things.

This issue of not being able to "see the darkness" in others, because such darkness is so unimaginable in relation to one's own psyche - always reminds me of the Jung quote: "One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."

Could it be that if we have never "made the darkness conscious" within our own psyche's, that we are unable to see the rather obvious "darkness" in those enacting policies that are literally killing people daily all over the planet? Sadly I think many of my family and friends fall into this category. They simply "can't imagine" such a level of "darkness" and so they must deny it is even possible - history be damned.

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B-b-but this makes me feel unsafe - this is violence!

Oh, brave new world that has such people in it!

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Wow, Tessa. You are well read. Not many people have heard nor mentioned the Kali Yuga.

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That fact that it is necessary to explain why it is important not to mix up reality and lies, just shows that we, as a collective, have a long long way to go...

Thanks for a great essay.

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I love your writing , thank you. "But unless one has experienced that fall and it really hurt in a life-threatening way, one may go for it still—and thus it’s possible to create an infinite number of “make believe" realities and feed those realities energy by recruiting witting participants and putting them to work."

I think the pro-vaxxers are using “make believe" realities The reason you can’t make a point with pro-vaxxers is that they are operating from a belief system and not from reason. In my discussion with a few pro-vaxxers it becomes apparent that it doesn’t matter what evidence I present to them they are unable to take it in, as it would question their belief about the vaccine. I talked to a medical doctor friend about the Canadian Emergency Medicine Specialist Dr. Rochagné Kilian. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/dr-rochagn%C3%A9-kilian-blows-the-whistle-on-c-19-vaccines-amp-d-dimer-levels_G1HDlOxO9odBYqU.html

She was talking about the rise in D-dimer levels in patients after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, and my friend conceded that it would be a good thing to look into. Dr. Kilian has had her practicing license taken away, which my friend saw as reason to doubt her and I saw as a reason for the medical constabulary to begin a full scale in depth look at the issue. My doctor friend’s comment was that he was sure that if there were a problem it would be looked into. His belief in the medical system will trump any criticism of it.


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Tessa said:

"It takes great spiritual maturity to seek truth while being respectful of other people’s free will, and to seek it whether it proves us right or wrong, for the sake of understanding the world."

" It is always about reconnecting to one’s soul. The lesson is that living away from one’s soul is completely unbearable." (Soul = Love = God-Channel)

"What do you do when someone you love is being deceived and siding with the deceiver? What do you do?

My answer as of this moment is that you stand your ground and keep a cool head." (abiding love)

Proceeding Without Plans


Modernity is incompatible with planetary limits: Developing a PLAN for the future


​ Did you read that? Did you read the title or the whole paper?​ (Thanks for the link, Susan)

I read the whole paper, and I think it's ok to just read the title, because the authors did not have a plan.

Charles Hugh Smith, who has been a college-age construction contractor, guitarist, vegetable gardener, and lives/adapts on the corner of cheap and liveable, has a book out, which I plan to get, as I have some of his other books. (Susan is going to get it, too.)

Global Crisis, National Renewal: A (Revolutionary) Grand Strategy for the United States https://www.oftwominds.com/GCNR.html

I know Charles has done a lifetime of homework, as have many of us, if we put our experiences into useful context.

I'm not going to say anybody has to read a book. I will posit that "Modernity is incompatible with planetary limits" is obviously true upon its face.

Let's Go!

I can't necessarily adapt to a future without fossil fuels, but I am already adapting to a future of less fossil fuel, less transport of my food for thousands of miles, less reliable cooling and heating, an erratic economy, and schemes to get rid of me and take my stuff as resources decline. Concepts and plans are not enough.

Taking steps while you can to be less vulnerable to approaching changes, with an eye to a fairly rapid decline in fossil fuel availability everywhere in the next few years.

The rumor is "Oil-Crisis-in-2023". It's a reasonable rumor. The exploration binge ended in 2015, after spending a lot and coming up with a little for the 8-10 years before that. I remember Oil-Crisis in the 1970s, when we lived a lot closer to everything and had fewer cars, and I didn't have a car at all. I did not even have a bicycle in the 1970s. It was normal to walk 5 miles to work and 5 miles back at numerous times while I was in college. I moved closer, though.. I borrowed a bike and a guy in a truck hit me, ruined the bike, cussed me out and drove off. I had to pay for the bike. I moved closer to campus and work. There are a lot of problems that come up that we can't prepare for, but just have to deal with. Proximity to essentials and bike access are important. There is a lot more property theft in our Austin suburb lately. There are more desperate people.

It's hard to live in Austin; expensive. Other people's problems become your problems when times are hard. Cities have a lot of people. Cities with a lot of people living marginally become toxic to everybody.

We all have social capital where we are. Most of us have jobs. Building alternatives means extra work. Ride a bike for an hour a few times a week and think about stuff while you're riding. Cook at home. Garden if you can. If you can't, is there an option for you to garden somewhere that you can bike to, a community garden?

I know that's not a plan for the looming oil-crisis-that-won't-end, but the grand plan is to get rid of most of us. That's what humans always do when there is not enough, get rid of a lot of other humans. That's what kings and rulers and nobles specialize in.

The Great Reset, The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Build Back Better (without me) are all about that. Having digital currency on your smart phone tied to your social credit score is being beta tested in China. Bad citizens eventually won't buy food, clothing or shelter, nor ride the train.

Who is at the top decides who gets cut out, like Obama deciding who gets droned in Iraq and Afghanistan. "Mistakes were made", they may say...

I'm advocating bike commuting, and being able to get groceries and get to work by bike in a pinch, growing a substantial vegetable garden, keeping beans, rice, onions, garlic, canned tomatoes, dried peppers, dried fruit, oil, salt, and spices around. Be a good neighbor. Spend locally. Use cash. Don't shop where it's not accepted. These are all little things. If you do them, you'll meet other people doing them. We live in a big self-organized social economic system. When we make strategic changes away from convenience, towards autonomy and resilience, we reorganize the system a little. I don't think we can do more than that. Big plans are like Fascism, Stalinism, and "You'll Own Nothing And You'll Be Happy With A Chip In Your Brain". Big, top down plans always put all of the losses onto those not making the plans.

People with a lot of valuable, mobile, unprotected stuff get hit first. Nobody steals sweet potatoes from the ground, as a rule. We can get around Yoakum on bikes, and Jenny could get around Austin on a bike if she worked closer. It keeps being a consideration. I usually do bike to work, but wimp out when it rains. Adapting your body and situation to the next stress is better than dealing with it through wealth, because wealth will be stolen. Vegetable gardens, cooking oil, bags of beans and rice are not things that usually get stolen. Bikes get stolen. Sorry. Bikes do get stolen regularly. I use a big U-lock for the frame and front wheel, with a cable through the rear wheel into the U-lock. I still would not leave it outside overnight.

After I die, I'll leave behind a direction of endeavor in my life that may be helpful to those continuing the journey into the world of less fuel, transportation and manufacturing. I have worked out succession-rotation gardening schemes and use them. I am drip-watering with city water. This would be a lot different without it. I can't go there now. Maybe another generation will have to. Dirt farming without diesel is really a hard life, and depends on undependable weather. The house I've designed, has windows to let the prevailing summer winds blow through to keep heat from building up, and will have a screen porch. It's still a hard to live without electricity when it's 90 degrees and 90% humidity at midnight. Maybe I can't live that life very many days. Some people do, already.

People who can't live in a place under prevailing circumstances will move or die. I would not start this journey from Phoenix, Arizona if I could help it.

I really expect a lot of migration in the next few decades. People from Chicago might move to Texas and dies in the summer when the electricity goes out. People from Honduras might move to Texas and feel ok about it. People from Chicago might move to farmland in the region. Most people can't farm unless they grew up doing it.

Charles Hugh Smith recently put up an article about when to move, now, or when you have to? You probably can't move when you need to, which is why there are refugee tent camps. Maybe you can't move now, either. Maybe you have family that you would house or that would house you. Maybe.. "Become the change which you would see in the world."

We are preparing a homestead where family can meet, maybe stay, if necessary. It has mostly tolerable weather except for those summer nights, and has a vegetable garden.

We might benefit from rain catchment. We may work on that. Everybody around here used to store rainwater in cisterns. There's no groundwater shallow, and the deep stuff is still no good. Czech and German farming communities moved here in the 1830s to 1850s and farmed, farmed it themselves, no slaves, no cotton.

This area pumps natural gas. Texas has not been able to liquefy and ship much of that, due to expense. Economies break down when the fuel is too expensive.

I kind of hope we keep having natural gas in Texas while I live.

So I will keep working on the problems coming sooner, with an eye to general shape of the problems coming later. The biggest help is divine guidance. Boy do I pray daily for divine guidance, and really try to listen to that kind, calm and quiet voice.

That's not like "Build Back Better", but I'm not plotting to dispossess and kill you, either. Just be aware of those schemes and work against them at every step.

Vandana Shiva: Great Reset Is ‘a Project of Extermination’

Vandana Shiva and Russell Brand dissect the Great Reset and the motives and psychology of the ruling elite

​ ​Destroying people’s life support systems “is an ecocidal and genocidal instinct,” she said.

Shiva told Brand:

​ ​“If you are creating conditions for most of humanity to not meet their basic needs, and creating a condition in which they can’t exercise their fundamental right to clean air, food, water, freedom, education or mobility … it’s an idea of dispensability equal to the idea of extermination.”

​ ​She said, “This is not just happening, it is being made to happen through deliberate action.”


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Realizing this power play, the door opens to a psychological element of humankind that we suffer — mind-blindness. We all proclaim the “truth,” or facts based on what we hear and see. To awaken from this etched-in blindness causes a terrible storm in mind. At the turn of the century, I suffered from this mental tornado upon realizing much of the projection occurred thru a mad machine akin to Pravda. The truth does set you free mentally and hopefully spiritually, but it is like surgery without anesthesia. No pain, no gain.

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So good Tessa! Thank you.

Terra Firma. Doesn't it feel good! To be in sync with what is real is to know love.

Whenever I get lost (& don't we all?), I just turn it all off and listen to my body and accept every little thing about it, no matter what it is. Our most immediate relationship with the great wonder of reality is with our own body. We are indeed wrapped in the stuff of the material universe. It will tell us when we are skating off into la la land. Continual states of fear, confusion, discord, anger.....Hey now.

To exist out of sync with reality, or to deny that it even exists at all, is to slap yourself in the face. Soon after follows the harming of others. Crazy how entire lifetimes are spent doing exactly this-- and with passionate, well-intended fervor.

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There is no Compassion where Uman Thought prevails.

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