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Wow. This is a brilliant post that hits with sharpshooter precision. As to the apparent escalation of the efforts and possibly timeframe for the implementation of the plan, I also think it likely that this is being driven by the progressive visibility of vaxx damage. TPTB may know they are running out of time. If compliance fails, I suspect so will the net. Tessa, it has been an honor. Donation sent.

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A frighteningly cool film.

Omg my grandson is 7yrs old I must fight for his future.

True evil is amongst true people.

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That film rocks. Thank you for sharing it. That it manages to be funny in spite of it it's theme is a beautiful achievement. I'm going to project it on the side of a different downtown building once a week for the next whenever.

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Black Mirror World. (That show was renewed, btw.) I wonder how a system that now profits from inefficiency and chaos can expect anything that they create to work.


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Amazing post, again, thank you! Some have caught early what is going on - this has cheered me up, and the flash-mobs that have followed his example https://youtu.be/SyBEMRyt6Qg

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