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Happy 2023, with Hope

Howling from Behind the Mask

The "Chaos Agents" and the Marketing Tricks; Also Love

The Federation of State Medical Boards: A Conversation with Dr. Bruce Dooley in NZ

Merry Christmas and a Chance to Come Alive & Drop the Talking Points

Fauci Being His Usual Truthful Self

Zombies of the Algorithm: A Soul in Prison

Telling on Your Family Members and More Absurdities

EctoLife: An actual company or a spoof?

No No, This Is Not Fascism

The Sorcery of the Cancel Culture and “Mass Formation” Neurosis

Malone vs. the Breggins: My Take

This Darkness Will End

Weaponized Mycoplasma, Contaminated Vaccines, and Chronic Disease (a quick post)

"Covid is no longer mainly a pandemic of the unvaccinated": Washington Post

"Information Disorder"

The Myth of Progress

The Totalitarians Keep Marching Forward

New World Order Trolling Show

Conspiracy, Mob Morality, and Amnesty: A Conversation with Charles Eisenstein

My Ode to the Brave + Interviews

Emily Oster: The Broken Child. The Missionary


The Great Reset and the Myth of Progress: A Conversation with Paul Cudenec

"If They Win"


The New York State of Mind: A Recap of Mandate Wars of the Past Two Days

BREAKING: NYC Rescinds COVID Mandate for Private Employers

NYC Vaccine Mandate for City Workers Declared Unconstitutional

"Garbage Soup": Alexandra Latypova on Regulatory and Manufacturing Fraud in C-19 Injections

The Synthetic Age: Welcome to the Genocide

Living in Interesting Times with Grace + Fauci's Calendar + Laughing at the Mob

"I have enough confidence in the vaccine to get it done. Those who think the vaccine kills people can use me as a test." Rest in peace, Doug Brignole!

Isolation Camps in New York State: A Conversation with Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox

Two Pandemic Lies

Betrayal and Extermination of Property Owners: A Thought Experiment

Anatomy of Forgiveness

Creeptech of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

"Safe and Effective"

Attack on Herbs and Supplements Is a Racket

Raging Against the Mafia: Federation of State Medical Boards

Tale of Tiny Man with Scissors: How Abstract Thinking Became Concrete Prison

Amid Censorship and Conflict, We Stand Straight


What Is a Conspiracy?


The Rotting Smell of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Google's Little Helper, "Trusted Ratter"

Hijacked and Weaponized

Biden's Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe, and Secure American Bioeconomy

Geoengineering, 5G, IoT: A Conversation with Nikki Florio about Life-Threatening 4IR Tech

The Mind of a Global Owner: Does Depopulation Make Sense?

Bivalent Boosters or Chernobyl?

Mass Formation and the Missionary Mind: A Wounded Warrior's Cry

Memory-holed Fauci Paper from Early 2020: "COVID Like Flu"

A Tale of Eroded Standards

The Sham of Vaccine Science Exposed on the UK Government Website

Overlords to Peasants: After Your Meal of 'Ze Bugs' Have a Drink of Sewage Water

Fighting college mandates ... brought to you by Pfizer!

Philosophy Hour: Russian Exceptionalism vs. American Exceptionalism

Fauci Ouchie: A Requiem for a Criminal

You Will Eat Ze Bugs and Mobsters Will Make Ze Money...

Vera Sharav: "I came to Nuremberg to provide historical context to the current global threat confronting our civilization"

75th Anniversary of the Doctor's Trial and Impromptu Philosophy

Brain Chips for Lawyers + Fraudulent Alzheimer's Research + Proof That Hell Froze Over

How Data Compelled a Columbia U Researcher to Fight Mandates: A Conversation with Dr. Spiro Pantazatos

Poking Holes in the Global Coup: A Conversation with Anne Gibbons

Fear of Contagion + News from New Zealand + Our Lords at the CDC

Russia, DARPA, Insects and Mind-Controlling Parasites

Back to the world of the living + presentation for Doctors for COVID Ethics


The Dark Winter for the Unvaccinated

U.S. set to extend COVID "health emergency"

Rinse and Repeat: Will This New "Ninja Virus" Finally "Heal the Economy"?

"Everything under Control"? Controlled Demolition and the Peasants

Farmers had enough

A Pfizer Dream

A recent paper on coronaviruses authored by Russian scientists and Peter Daszak

Coping with Bulldozer + Sociopathic Child + You Are Born Free!

Bagging Patients + Tragic Sudden Passing + Biosecurity Dissent (??)

DoD Fraud, "Human Meat," and Dutch Farmers

We Lost Dr. Zelenko, May He Rest in Peace

Hooray, Graphene Biosensing Tattoos are Here!

When the "Experts" Hide the Truth: A Conversation with Johnny Vedmore

New York to Offer "Moneypox" Vaccine

From DDT to Asbestos to COVID Injections: Commercials

Glyphosate 2.0: Scientists Test Graphene Compounds, Find Toxicity, Say It's Harmless 🤔

COVID Shots and Male Reproductive System: Damn Conspiracy Theorists Gotta Stop Doing This

Parasites and Mind Tricks: A Story of Seduction, Gaslighting, and Poisons

WHO Will Rename "Monkeypox" to "Minimize Racism"

A Personal Note

Klaus Schwab and the Origins of WEF: A Conversation with Johnny Vedmore

World Economic Forum Says "Happiness" No Longer Important

The Ghost of Self-Importance

Rockefeller Medicine, Collapsing Soldiers, New Normal, etc.

A "Compassionate" Death Cult, Eh?

Allegedly, Good News About the WHO

A quick note: my story on genetically modified human beings published by Dr. Mercola

An important update about the interview with Mathew Crawford that I just sent

A DoD Data Fraud? A Conversation with Mathew Crawford

"The Great Fascist Reset": A Conversation with Paul Cudenec

Throwing people (and now a gorilla) under the bus

A quick note: please check out my story about the social credit system published by Dr. Mercola

The Great Reset and the Tyrant in the Mirror

WHO Pandemic Treaty and the Banality of Evil

On this day two years ago...

On Fear of Nuclear War and Horse Medicine: A Conversation with Diane Perlman

Against the Thievery

Horror, Horror, Mixing with the Unjabbed Is Scary for Respectable People!

Human Battery

Social Credit Piloted in Italy: World Economic Forum's 'Agile Nations' in Action

Italy Puts a Limit of Air Conditioning + Apple Launches Driver's License in Wallet

The Temple of Science, Spat Upon

A Mixed Bag of News: The Mask + Pilot Collapse + Autopsy Showing Death from Injection + Prince Charles and More


A Small Correction and a Striking Walgreens Chart

The Slippery Slope of the WHO Pandemic Treaty

Resisting the Great Reset Without Being Scared

World Government Summit + Censorship

Two Weeks to Flatten Freedom and Dignity

Honest People Series: A Phenomenal "Perspectives on the Pandemic" Interview with Spiro Pantazatos

The Great Reset for Energy and Manifest Destiny 2.0

Honoring Those Who Died Suddenly: A Conversation with Kathleen Brown

Dr. Meryl Nass' Damning Piece

"Eat the Ice Cream": No, Dear Transhumanist Swindlers, I'll Pass

A Collection of Funny and Sad Absurdities

It's Duck and Cover, All Over Again

YouTube Removed My Interview with Dr. Garcia in NZ Hours After Published by Dr. Mercola

The Establishment. The Machine. The Human Being

Imperfect People, Pedaling toward Happiness

What's in the Vials? A Conversation with a Team in New Zealand About Mystery Objects They Found

Guterres Lays Out a Roadmap of "Transformations" to Come

Protesters in New Zealand Concerned Police Might Move on Them in the Next 24 Hours

The Narratives They Are a-Changin'

Are Russian Oligarchs Best Friends with Klaus Schwab? A Conversation with Riley Waggaman

War Is Horrible

History and the Ghost of 4IR: A Conversation with Hrvoje of Geopolitics & Empire

Observations from under the Boot

Where Will Things Go?


The Heart of a Child

"Trudeau Special": More on Canada

Trudeau on His Loyalty to the British Crown and Love of Dictatorships + '2020 Initiative' from 2005


Cult, Go Away! Time for Joy is Now

The Internet of Underwater Things + Bancel Deletes Twitter + Gruesome Things + Hope

Why the Sudden Excitement over HIV?

Who Is the Terrorist?

Honest People Series: Former Trudeau's Bodyguard Daniel Bulford

GoFundMe Tries to Steal Truckers' Money

You Are Not Crazy

On the Soviet Man and the Groundhog Day

Pfizer Loves Us + Trudeau, Then and Now

Neil Young, the Incidental (?) Prophet of Pfizer

Klaus Schwab on Penetrating Political Bodies + Canadian Truckers + More

Happy News on Mask Mandates and Awful News on Medical Murder

Worldwide Freedom Protests

Mind of a Technocrat, Obedient Generation, and Planet Lockdown

Wow. YouTube removed my interview with Dr. Meryl Nass in less than 5 min after I published the story

Medicine under Attack: A Conversation with Dr. Meryl Nass

Behavioral Modification, Bat Vaccines, and a Great Yeadon Interview

Dangerous Misinformation Becomes Science. Again.

Disgusting and Scary: Forced Hospitalization of Dr. Mel Bruchet

How Do Tyrants Make People Act Against Their Interests?

Decay of the Empire and "Insurrection"

They Are Lying

Happy New Year!