On Shamelessness

... and variants.

This is a very short and straightforward story about shamelessness.

It could be about many things—but I feel like showcasing shamelessness today.

I am feeling a bit of indignation over the meandering of the plot—and notably, my indignation is both on behalf of the vermin and on behalf of those who took the shot.

(And now are told by the CDC to be afraid… again.)

First, let’s see the tweet below.

A warning: Please don’t forget that believing your lying eyes is generally considered bad behavior—and thus, once you have seen the tweet below, you need to immediately unsee the part where it says that “vaccination could push the evolution of strains that evade the protection,” and only remember the part where it says “everyone is vaccinated.”

While we are at it, we might also have to unsee the below from Fauci—although by now that’s easy since we have had a lot of practice.

Sarcasm aside, I find it genuinely shameless that when, during the initial push for the product, “dissenting” credentialed scientists squeaked on alternative media about the possibility of immune escape—as well as about how vaccinating everyone “during the pandemic” was likely to force the virus to go around the v-word and come up with naughty new variants that otherwise wouldn’t have shown up—their squeaking was not debated openly at all but was instead labeled as “dangerous misinformation.” Tweets with their interviews were flogged and then told to go stand in the corner, etc. etc.

But now that this narrative, with some creativity, can be helpful in pushing profitable boosters, it’s suddenly cool!!

Besides, that CNN tweet presents what to my senses looks like a logical fallacy. If they are admitting that, in real life, administering the v-word to the people leads to the development of new strains that know how to go around the v-word, then how helpful is it to administer the v-word—which, officially now, doesn’t stop the spread—to all people?

Granted, I am not an immunologist but merely a curious person who wants to know the truth. But… am I wrong?

Speaking of:

And this.

And this.

[The latter requires its own shamelessness analysis due to creative interpretations in the underlying article. But shamelessness is no fun. Hence, apropos of nothing, please check out this interesting presentation (Fuellmich etc.).]

I want to end this story—or, shall I say, this “story escape” since I wrote it accidentally—with a funny image. Sometimes it’s laughter that gives us the best relief!

(Thank you!)