A Choice Between the Courage and the "Utopia"

A testimony by a brave French attorney + a must-see short sci-fi film.

This story is about totalitarian tendencies and love.

Earlier today, I marveled at the testimony by the fearless French attorney, Virginie de Araujo-Recchia. In her testimony, she talked about how France had become a medical dictatorship, how the French media was fearmongering in an attempt to create bad feelings between the jabbed and the unjabbed (even the language for both is a tad undignifying, no?)—and how the people were seeing through the lies and taking to the streets to protest draconian mandates—the jabbed and the unjabbed protesting the mandates together, heart to heart.

(Speaking of taking to the streets, here is just a glimpse.)

Obviously, France is not the only Western country that the politicians are trying to make unrecognizable in their attempt at a medical dictatorship. The times we are living in are truly extraordinary in terms of the descent of the West into totalitarianism. The scale and the grandiosity of the official lies—as well as the coordination of the global marketing campaign—are just incredible. And sadly, the mainstream sources have gotten worse than Pravda. Like, actually worse than Pravda. You heard that right!

And the biggest and the scariest irony is that the immediate medical dictatorship is likely just a spirit-testing stepping stone on the way to an attempt at a much bigger financial dictatorship…. at least this is what my nose is telling me. If they succeed, we’ll all be “living” under a yoke. So now really is a very good time to wake up and start walking in love and dignity—and that’s regardless of individual medical choices.

As far as I am concerned, love really is the most important component of the resistance. The bullies are not weak, and they have already tasted our blood. They are not going to stop. They are going to ask for more and more unless we confront them with our massive love and self-respect. The way to confront them is to remember our original state of a human being, our joy, our touch, our body, our spirit, our love. It is love that it’s going to get us out of this. There is nothing else in this world that can curb the bullies who are that rich and that determined to eat us—but love does what other things can’t do. It taps into something that the language doesn’t know how to explain—and makes us invincible.

Here’s Virginie de Araujo-Recchia. (Please click on the image to watch the video, and here is her bio.)


So yes, I was very impressed by her. She clearly is doing it out of desperation. (I can say the same about myself; there is no way I would be going to such great lengths saying what I say if I didn’t feel immediately endangered by the transhumanist reform we are looking at.) Sometimes, we become our bravest, strongest, most loving and passionate selves when we are under pressure. We keep procrastinating on our hearts until there is nowhere else to go, and when there is nowhere else to go, we start moving mountains. Our love is a tremendous force—and it is by tapping into our hearts’ deepest purity that we are going to prevail. Our brains may fool us on occasion—and there is no shame in that—but our hearts know what’s good for us if we allow them to speak to us. And there will be a time when all this will end, when the massive lies will be discovered for what they have always been. There will be a time of massive joy.

And now, please take fifteen minutes and watch this short fiction film called “Utopia.”

It’s just…. I don’t know…. just watch it.

The life depicted in this film describes the economic model that we are heading toward if we don’t wake up. It describes it literally. It may be science fiction but this is literally the economic model our masters like. And while it’s true that human beings can adapt to anything and in the end prevail—and generations later, break out of the spiritual prison and be free anyway—let’s break out of it sooner, please, with love. We don’t have to descend all the way into hell in order to remember joy. We are born with joy. We are born for joy. We are free.